Lower the Bar

Steel Panther are the most kickass and highest testosterone band in modern music and I’ll fight anyone who says otherwise. I’ve long thought glam metal was the lowkey manliest form of music you can listen to, and Steel Panther take that to its logical conclusion. They have somehow managed to not run out of ways … More Lower the Bar

Hiss Spun

I don’t respect women but I respect the hell out of Chelsea Wolfe. I’ve been into this woman for a while now. There’s something about her music that just does it for me. It’s lo-fi and heavy without really being metal, yet it still retains enough of a dark aesthetic to get lumped in with … More Hiss Spun

The Canyon

I put off writing this review for awhile. The Used have been a very important band to me for a long time. From the first time I heard their self-titled debut, it just hit me in the right spot. It spoke for everything my teenage mind was feeling but didn’t have the words to express. … More The Canyon

The WQ

I am not quite sure what sparked the debate on whether or not women should occupy positions in the Alt-Right, but here I go trying to navigate these treacherous waters. My outlook on this issue is fairly simple: Women and Homosexuals do not belong in a political movement. Period, end of story. I say this … More The WQ

Constipation of the Constitution: Kate Steinle Murder Trial

By now everyone has heard about Jose Ines Garcia Zarate,  who had been departed 5 times and was a seven time felon, being acquitted of Kate Steinle’s murder. He was only found guilty of being a felon in possession of a fire arm. This case has been a hot button issue for the illegal immigration debate … More Constipation of the Constitution: Kate Steinle Murder Trial

Kingdoms Disdained

Since first discovering death metal many eons ago, Morbid Angel were my favorite band strictly for their first 3 albums. They lost me shortly after 1993’s Covenant but I’ll always hold a good place in my cold, black heart for them, and their sophomore release Blessed are the Sick will always be my favorite death metal release. … More Kingdoms Disdained