The West is Out of Focus

While there are many problems in today, I believe that the biggest hurdle for us to clear is our inablity to be serious. No one takes themselves or other people serious. This causes us on the right to have no chance to articulate our view point. Our positions in politics, lifestyle, or personal believes come with a large degree of thought and focus. Unfortunately, the rest of society cannot take us or anything seriously.

This lack of seriousness manifests itself in the west’s reliance on entertainment. Everywhere you go, everyone is talking about the latest trash released from Hollywood. When you bother to talk about an issue beyond the T.V. screen you are either totally ignored, or they’ll recite some stupid cliche about the topic.

I had an old co-worker do this exact thing to me a few day back. After sitting on my porch enjoying the cool summer night, one of my old co-workers just comes walking up on to my porch. At first it was weird, but he has been my neighbor for 6 months and I was clueless. More to the point he decided it was important to discuss Carrie Fisher’s death because of the next Star Wars film. I ignored him and nodded when appropriate. I then suggested that it was interesting to see Trump get elected in the face of all the outrage (It had been 2 years since we last spoke). He proceeded to mention how Carrie Fisher death made him cry. What a bitch!

This serves to highlight the issue we face important topics are boring to discuss. Normies want to be entertained not enlightened, and because of this the west’s collective attention span has be reduced making our job that much harder. With Twitter, Facebook, and their ilk we have an ADHD positive society that aimlessly searches for entertainment to tune out the decay.

As time passes it only gets worse. We cannot change America or Europe back into the traditional nations we want if we cannot get the average person to pay attention to the issues at hand. We are entirely hopeless if the average person would rather spend an hour refreshing their Facebook page to watch a 30 second video that only serves to lower there attention span and even their IQ.

We will never win the battle against our replacement if we allow this type of distraction. The west is being placated into annihilation. If you as I want nationalism and traditionalism you must first fight the war against incessant entertainment seeking by our normie contemporaries.

Our people are too busy to notice the world around them. We need to slow it down for them or make our position ADHD compatible. I don’t think that we can make the veiws we hold as mindless as the Hollywood trash, but we can try to stop this stupid behavior in our own lives. My your family get off their phone, laptop, stop watching TV, do something together. Wake those up around you by first extending their ability to pay attention to what is going on. Our replacement wont be entertaining, but we will be entertained while they replace us.

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