Extreme Vetting is Selective White Genocide

With the Supreme Court allowing some of Trump’s so-called “Travel Ban” to go into effect, more and more I hear people discussing the merits of a screening process for immigrants. Especially those immigrants from radically different cultures, such as the Middle East,  as if this is going to make them better citizens in America, even though many of those countries have poor records on their citizens. They even have different laws in accordance with Islam, so a major crime in the US may not even be prosecuted in those countries. If we ignore those two factors and focus on this idea of extreme vetting, can it work in our favor? Is it just white genocide dressed up as anti-globalist theater.

I would contend that these vetting measures are anti-globalist theater. As stated above, the countries that this ban will impact do not constitute the majority of the immigrants coming from the Middle East to begin with. The full ban, not the limited one, only impacts peoples from Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen. Which makes up about 2% of total immigration. Not really a restraint is it?

If you viewed the limitation that Trump has proposed as a means to limit immigration you were wrong. This is an attempt to quell the skepticism  around immigration and the replacement of our peoples. In the long run we will still be replaced under this so-called ban. Even if Trump decided to ban every single Muslim from immigrating to the US, we’d still be replaced. 38,901 Muslims came to the US in 2016 out of a total of approximately one million that year; and that number doesn’t include the nearly 1,000 illegals that come in every single day.

Who cares as long as we vet them, though. If we select only the highest IQ peoples, and the ones with no history of crime, and they can speak English surely they can become a citizen and contribute to the US. The problem with this is that those people do not care for the traditions of the US. They do not care for the monuments of the men who built this land. They do not even celebrate our holidays in many occasions.

Furthermore, vetting doesn’t even prevent terrorism. Quite a few of the terrorist attacks in the US have been conducted by US citizens. Out of the countries listed very few terrorists have hailed from them. No, the vetting measures do not help with terrorism. You have to stop the flow entirely.

While the Alt-lite, Republicans, Neo-Cons, or whatever they are, want to decry Muslim immigration, it is not the fundamental issue and neither is the illegal immigration. It’s all of immigration. The US cannot survive with a minority white population. Only whites care for the core of American values of limited government and freedom.

For this reason alone the only vetting process that works is the one that stops all immigration. The US does not need immigration. Yes, Boomers are retiring. Yes, whites aren’t having babies at replacement levels. Yes, whites aren’t taking low wage jobs. They don’t have to take those jobs. The government has made it easier to get foreigners to do the jobs or have the babies. Why not give support to the declining white population and get them to have babies.

Vetting is a waste of time. Imagine what could have been done to improve the fertility of whites instead of bringing in hordes of immigrants as a way to remedy the decline in population.  Of course this would be a challenge, but isn’t integration complicated? Reversing population decline has never been successful through immigration. Well, not without destroying the civilization that is in decline.

We have to move national policy away from immigrants for good for they need our help. US needs to focus on us. The US immigration policy needs to be a stopped altogether. No green cards. No work visas. We need to focus on the founding population. Whites deserve to be preserved and not replaced. Our immigration policies need to reflect this fact. At the very least we need to revert back to pre-1965 immigration that favors Europeans, but make it white Europeans.

As whites we need to not worry about extreme vetting or even illegal immigration. The issue is not getting better immigrants; it’s keeping a white majority. All of these minor issues are nothing more than a distraction. Keep your eye on the prize, let’s reduce immigration on the whole, not just a tiny fraction.

What will this vetting process do anyway? If we take in more capable and intelligent migrants, we are putting a ceiling on the mobility of our white citizens. So let’s just say we are against immigration in all forms.  Yeah, Muslims and illegals suck, but we have to look at for our people first. Americans first.

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