Response to Unfortunate Opinions

My friend over at Unfortunate Opinions decided to do a response to “20 Questions for White People That Buzzfeed Didn’t Ask”. Below are my responses to his responses.

1. Be honest, you hate black people don’t you?

Well, that escalated quickly! Right off the bat they are assuming the conditions of individual hearts and frame workings of the white mind as a whole. Isn’t assuming that all white people are this way intrinsically racist? This defeats their own argument by fighting fire with fire, and it’s only question one!

You never actually addressed the question here. I think the question is more insightful than you or even they realize. African Americans are forced into a system that they didn’t create or want to be a part of. African Americans feel like whites hate them because whites oppose the politics most African Americans propose.  That is why we need nationalism. Separation of the different nations (a nation is a people) within the US is what is we need. Not crying over who is more racist. This does not solve anything.

2. White people, do you know what gentrification is doing to black neighborhoods?

I’ll be honest, I was not familiar with the word “gentrification” until I looked it up, but I immediately recognized it by its definition.

1.“The process of renovating and improving a house of district so that it conforms to middle-class taste.”  

2.“The process of making a person or activity more refined or polite.”

Middle-class is the backbone of America, so this is already a good thing. Being a better, safer area will only promote business and further development of the area. This should be praised by the locals as bringing about more opportunities to their areas. Then refining areas or people to be more polite, how is this bad? Perhaps they are arguing from the perspective of “don’t impose your culture on me.” I would agree with that point of view, however this is one country, and if you want to continue enjoying its benefits as a whole, perhaps it is time to conform to other ideologies and find a mutual agreement. Complaining does not bring us any closer to to these mutual terms.

This is dishonest; white middle class Americans are the backbone of America. So what they and you are hinting at is that Blacks are being turned into whites. You, African Americans, and I all oppose a people becoming absorbed by another. African Americans and European Americans deserve the right to be their own people.

3. Why is being a former drug dealer a bad thing, but being a former slave owner… totally okay in White America?

The former drug dealer is the same person who did the crime, this video is speaking about white ancestors from well over a century ago. Not only that, but they are missing two huge factors here: the white ancestors did own slaves, but they also abolished slavery, and there were black slave owners!

White ancestors owning slaves is definitely a tragic note to have in the family tree of many today, but those living and breathing today do not own slaves. To judge their ancestors is one thing, but to act is if the crime of a black person today is the same as a heinous act that was legal at the time of a white ancestor from centuries ago is a farfetched argument. Attempting to use it to claim moral superiority today is even more so.

You are right here. I would add that African American culture glorifies drug dealers and are proud of it. Whites on the other hand, are stupidly afraid of being called racist. Whites can be goaded into guilt over slavery even though every people on the planet have had slaves at one point.

4. Do you honestly think the structure of America is not based on racism?

The 1790 Naturalization Act does clearly state that America was created for “free white people.” However that was 1790, and it is 2017 as I write this piece. Things have changed quite a bit since then towards welcoming and even favoring the African descendants into the white country.

Before you quit reading this or call me racist, how about we take a look at the US Census? Between the years of 2010-2016 the blacks made up 12.6-13.3% and whites comprised 72.4-76.9% of the US population. That’s more than five-times the amount of whites to blacks, yet a staggering 41.6% of blacks were on government welfare programs at the 2012 census when economic factors were collected. That is a lot of white tax dollars taken from their earnings that they will never see, and the black community will be handed in the form of a government welfare check for free. In other words, maybe it was founded on “racism,” but things sure have changed.

Just say the country was founded and built by Europeans. Africans don’t fit. It’s not too complex.

5. Do you really think you discovered America? Do you really think it’s yours?

No, whites do not think they discovered it – clearly that is why we study of the Native Americans. However, do they really think it is theirs? The foundation of America, as previously stated, was to best suit the “free white people,” but we now also welcome anyone willing to fill out the immigration forms; frowning upon the entitled citizens and illegal immigrants. Tell me again how that is racist?

So you are for non-European immigration? I’d hope not. America as you state is white and in order to remain America must remain that way. You mustn’t be afraid of the silly accusation of racism. Racism is a way to shut whites up. Ignore it.

6. When I’m upset, I’m an angry black man (or black woman). But when you’re upset, you’re just upset. Aren’t you an angry white man?

I mean technically. Yes. How else are you supposed to answer this? This is a stretch. Next.

This is a response to the original question. When I am upset, I am typically upset because morons like this think calling me racist is going to shut me up. So when I am angry I prefer to be called an angry, backwards, racist, cracker. Stop your bigotry.

7. Why isn’t racism illegal?

One of the greatest implementations by Western Society: Freedom of speech. The very reason you are not being punished for your blatant racism against whites with this very video. That’s why.

I mean the muh Freedoms works here. So good call.

8. Why is gaining the black vote so important, but mass incarceration against black people isn’t?

This entire question is apples to oranges. You are talking about gaining the vote, which is to further the political journey and black agendas if researched and spent appropriately. Then you are talking about mass incarceration, which is entirely unrelated, but also because they commit a large portion of the crime in this great country.

If you want to decrease the incarceration rate, then commit less crime. If you want to pretend that no crime was committed, and the system is racist, then go elsewhere to create your own less-racist system. Just some thoughts.

Yeah, nationalism, tell ’em. Different nations need different countries. This is the perfect answer.

9. Why are all of you afraid of black people?

Not all white people are afraid of all black people, again with the blatant anti-white racism. However, with the black population being less than 1/5th of the whites, yet making up half of the total crime in the country, it would not go without merit.

Actually most whites see blacks as larger than them. Whites by most measures fear blacks. It’s psychological and not something that is able to be easily remedied. Give us our own countries and this crap won’t happen. See this article.

10. What are you going to do about systematic racism?

Me? Didn’t you just claim that me and all of the people like me are fearful of and hateful towards black people? Seems like a strange time to then ask for me to help, or at least bring to my attention I can help with this. Then again, this whole video has been anti-white, so I feel it more appropriate to spend my time defending my people, just as you saw fit to defend yours by attacking mine.

I am addressing their question. Your answer is weak. We would address the horrible problem of systematic racism by separating the different nations within our countries. No horrible racist can bother you poor, innocent blacks.

11. Why must you own all the media outlets?

Washington Post, Jeff Bezos. Mexican.

New York Times, Carlos Slim. Mexican.

Black Entertainment Television(BET). Debra L. Lee. White-ish?

Debra L. Lee is a pseudo-white looking lady with a black hair style and just really is overall confusing. But she is a woman, and doesn’t this same progressive ideology that this video is based from love women? Oh, that’s right. Only the non-white women, my bad. Wouldn’t want to be empowering them! That last line was sarcasm, my dear reader.

Jews are in charge of the media, not whites. Carlos Slim is Jewish. CNN’s Jeff Zucker is Jewish.  MSNBC’s Phil Griffin is also Jewish. Not that there is a problem with that, just the facts.

12. Why does every race qualify for reparations, except black people?

As far as I can tell, not many cases of “reparations” have even occurred. The Japanese and many Native American tribes have received money from the US government, other than that is there were a couple of cases from the European countries towards Holocaust survivors. That covers two races and one religion, so I am not sure where are they getting their facts from on this one.

Furthermore, I did not enslave anybody and no black person in this country today has been a slave – so why should the United States enact a sort of “pay them back” economic policy over a century later? If they deserve the money, I ask: why is the welfare, diversity quotas and equal opportunity laws not enough?

Sure give ’em reparations through repatriation. Tired of ol’ whitey? Here is an all expenses paid trip to your own nation.

13. A long time ago (really not that long ago)… you guys prevented black people from learning how to read and write. But… why did you let them keep the Bible?

Yes, on average, more whites owned slaves in the past. On average, blacks commit more crimes today. In 100 years, if that changes, can whites equally look at blacks and speak to them about all this crime they are committing? Of course not! That would have been a century ago at the time. See what I did there? If that happened historically, then it’s weird and sucky of humans to do to other humans, but their wording here seems to address the whites in the present. That is fallacious logic and not really working on their so called “racial inequalities.”

All you had to say was: what does the Bible matter if they can’t read it? That was easy.

14. White people… Historically, you’ve never liked black people. But why have you always accepted black people’s money?

If we didn’t like black people, then why did we not ship them all back to Africa after we abolished slavery? Also, with the majority of whites working and paying taxes while blacks unproportionately take from those taxes in the form of welfare, it seems like black people like to take white people’s money more… just saying, the numbers don’t lie.

You’re painting this as if sending them back to Africa was the wrong choice. Clearly, the only way to fix this is just that. Also, why did African tribe leaders take white man’s gold, jewelry for their own people? That’s kinda fucked, don’t you think?

15. What does Colonization mean to you?

The beginning of turning the vastly unused North American soil into a productive land of business, freedoms and the comfort of life provided today. The sort of comfort that people can literally make up problems in their heads that have been addressed over a century beforehand, record a catchy video of them, and post it on the internet. As annoying as it is, that is a pretty convenient reality.

In general though, it means the turning point for any successful civilization around to experience and enjoy this modern life. I guess the white-people created internet, air conditioning and cars are oppressive. Who knew!

Nah, try this out instead. Glorious battles with a formidable foe in the Native Americans. That my ancestors beat back after hundreds of years. It is pretty fantastic. Blacks wouldn’t be able to leech off of whites without it.

16. You do know crack and cocaine are both drugs, right? Can you find out why Bill Clinton thinks one should carry a harsher sentence than the other?

I don’t have to find out, this was settled in the previous century. It was enacted, and supported by black people, in order to attempt to bring about some assimilation to the law in the black communities. Sadly, it did not work, and clearly this can be seen by the aforementioned crime statistics.

This is an example of the failings of diversity. No, rules, laws, regulations, or anything except Nationalism  can fix the failing state of a diverse society. Even in something as minute as the type of drug laws in a society are going to be impossible, because their are too many groups to consider. One group will always be on top and the other will get taken advantage of. This is the nature of diversity. Let’s end it.

17. This one is for Flynn: when are you going to arrest Governor Snyder?

Let’s be honest, this question here was asked because they hit a dead end at 19 out of 20 in their brainstorming session.

Governor Snyder is in charge of Michigan, to sum up the Governor of State position to the utmost of simplicity, but you can’t imprison somebody like that. Part of why America is so great is that you cannot simply jail people for unjust causes, and particularly in this instance where he was not the one in direct supervision of the City of Flint. Their water crisis is horrible, I won’t deny that, but there is such thing as “due justice,” and that is what the US court of laws is for.


18. When talking about slavery, why are you uncomfortable? It’s part of American history…  

I don’t personally, but I do know quite a few whites who do become uncomfortable when discussing slavery. The trend I notice, however is that they are either of progressive ideologies where they feel guilty for being white, or there is a black person present and the pressure is on. Of course, by pressure, I mean race agitators such as the people piecing together this video as a direct attack on whites.

Not all whites will be cowards to these sort of propaganda hit pieces on an entire race. Claiming “racist whites!” while being racist towards whites. Hence, this article.Next question.

See my response to 9. You scare us. Blacks get worked up about slavery so whites get antsy. We understand that we are risking attack here. Also, stop being a bitch here. All races act in their own interest.

19. Why do you want to adopt the “fun” part of black culture, but not the true lifestyle of black Americans?
The same reason I enjoy Jagermeister from Germanic culture, Sushi from the Japanese culture and work in a company with buildings across the globe. We find what we enjoy as individuals from other cultures and partake in them, as a sort of appreciation for the culture itself. All without adopting the whole culture – how could you experience any culture if there were not room for give and take?

Just as when businesses are globally known, they can take the best of each region’s business and business people. Working together to accomplish something that any one race may not have been able to alone.

Wouldn’t it be like asking “why do whites pay more of the national tax, but receive less benefits for it?” This is true, but we are not picketing and complaining about it. We just keep working hard and paying those taxes. You’re welcome, in advanced.

Answer was real simple here, bro. All you have to say is that “we as whites like to have fun, but because we have a much higher IQ we don’t have to leech off the government”.

20. Why do you wear shorts in the winter time?

This one actually made me laugh out loud, because it is so me. As a kid, I would shovel the snow from my parent’s home driveway in shorts. I did it as a sort of “toughen up” method, but it was also just because I found it cold, but not unbearably so. It’s a white people thing.

Again, easy answer, think about were whites are from

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