Is it the Media??

No matter where you are on the right if you aren’t Alt-right, you will hear all the time that the media is making Trump’s presidency difficult, or that they make race relations worse, or anything, really. This is all we hear, the media did this and that. My question to you is, do you believe this? Do you think the media really made race relations worse? Can you make race relations better in a multi-racial society such as America.

I certainly don’t blame them for the failings of a multi-racial hellhole. How can you place the blame on a reporter or an idiotic writer on some mainstream media site? Did the media make Ray Tensing shoot Sam DuBose? No, it was the fact that whites fear black criminals, for good reasons of course. A white man is going to be antsy when confronted with a criminal black man. The stats aren’t in the white guy’s favor.

The media only reacts to the acts of violence carried out in society. So when a story bubbles up that is out of the ordinary, of course the media reports it. The media are businesses reliant on views, clicks, and ears. So when we have a story about white people killing blacks, they have to report on it. When we have a white person get shot by a black, it’s not that big of a news story to be reported on.

This however doesn’t mean that the media was trying to encourage violence one way or the other. They are highlighting the issue. Sure, it pisses me off that the media only talks about one half of black and white relations, then the idiots who watch this actually believe the way the media portrays the situation.

The media as a whole is meant to be marketed to the lowest common denominator. Because of this, you have moronic people sitting down and believing that the news is an accurate portrayal. The media is sensational. When you understand that, you understand how ridiculous it is to believe them as a source of information.

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