Only White Babies Create CO2: The Narrative Against European People

Today I discovered this piece on Market Watch which is of course addressed to boomers and how sad it is they don’t get grandchildren, because their idiotic children don’t want children. They cite climate change as the reason to reject their natural purpose. The saddest part to me, is that we have people who have decided to not have kids over some political notion.

Which only furthers my belief and other peoples’ belief that climate change is a war against European children. Europeans are the target of these sick people. We are the ultimate prize for their disgusting blood lust. It may not be violent but this climate change narrative is being weaponized against us. Just look at this:

“I’m not sure whether the trend is growing, but the amount of conversation about it sure is,” said Meghan Kallman, a postdoctoral research associate in sociology at Brown University and co-founder of the Conceivable Future project, which calls climate change a reproductive crisis.

Calling the climate crisis a reproductive crisis is accurate, because in order to reduce the carbon impact on the planet, you must reduce the number of people. The way this is used against Europeans is simple; only Europeans understand the concept. Do Africans care about carbon impact? Do Muslims care about it? Does anyone other than white Millennials care about it?

The climate change narrative bears out concerns of only white Millennials. The article goes on to state:

Indeed, grandchildren today would have climate change as their reality from the moment they are born, its economic and political disruptions shaping their job prospects, their mortgages, their retirement. Much is uncertain, of course, but climate change will strike harder at those with fewer means. Hotter temperatures will even shape the fertility of their children, according to a 2015 study, reducing U.S. births by 100,000 a year by the end of the century if carbon dioxide rates continue unabated.

So having children today could leave them in a complex and dangerous world. Really!?! Look, the world is always going to be hard. Economics and politics are always going to be volatile.

Europeans are prone to future concerns. As a people we worry about the future more than any other race which is a product of high IQ. We do not want to bring kids into this world if we know they are going to endure hardship. Other races such as Africans have 6,7, even 10 children in the worst possible conditions, without care ( With Christian aid of course).

To sum this up, fuck this article. We can not base our reproductive habits on uncertain climate predictions. This is a targeted attack on our people; ignore it. They have been pushing this narrative for decades. For all this time it has only harmed European birthrates. Then they tell us there are not enough people in these European countries and flood us with brown people. Well they can eat it. We are having babies and we’ll burn this planet into cosmic dust before they replace us.

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