Fear of Pride: Our Pathway to Extinction

In the struggle to get Europeans to awaken to their potential there are many fights we must endure, like the climate change propaganda used against us. The worst and most degrading is the constant name calling of those who aren’t afraid to speak up for their people. Europeans have become prisoners of their own mental prisons. Most Europeans are proud to be white; this is especially apparent in attitudes towards immigration.

We have a situation were most Europeans are against their replacement, but do not want to be racist. So if they believe that immigration restrictions are in fact racist, they will favor more immigration.

In the West, a person of average age, income, and education who thinks an ethnocultural motivation for reducing immigration is racist has just a 30% likelihood of wanting immigration reduced. This jumps to a 72% likelihood among those who say this is not racist. LSE

So if you’re European and can be convinced that it’s racist to be anti-immigration, you just go along with you replacement. In non-Western countries though the sentiment to preserve their heritage is of course accepted as a norm.

Outside the West, the difference in probabilities is only half as large, at 55-34%. In essence, norm conflict divides immigration opinion in the West more sharply than it does outside it. LSE

So the liberal hegemony (Democrats, Republicans, essentially the entire political class), have created a situation where the term racist can be used to beat us into submission. This is our battle. We must stop being ashamed. Just look at this…

Using a ‘list experiment’ that measures average sentiment but permits individuals to conceal their answers, Alexander Janus discovered that 60% of White Americans supported cutting immigration to zero when their identities were concealed, compared to 39% when their identities were known to the researcher. Self-censorship was especially pronounced among the university-educated. LSE

Most Europeans agree with you; just say it unabashedly and move on. European people need to move away from this shame. We are not racist for loving our own. If that makes us racist in the eyes of other people, oh well. It keeps us around. Don’t fear your own opinion. Other races believe that they should be preserved and so does your race. 60% in fact agree that immigration should be stopped. Let’s do it!!

Also, https://youtu.be/5QV7Ag0A2o0

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