Nu-Metal: Mind Numbing Bitching

Now that the deaths of Chris Cornell and Chester Bennington have blown over,  it is time for me to make a piece on the state of modern music. We no longer have virtuosos, or music with any profound meaning. All we have in most genres is people who complain and whine. Take Chris and Chester as examples; their identities as musicians was to be a victim. They used their raped little boy status to push their narrative of weakness and whining. So their entire existence was depressed, scared, worried and upset. Now I understand that’s traumatizing and it’s also very personal. There’s no reason to bring that into anything other than to try and garner other people’s sympathy for you. That’s weakness, that is not something to be celebrated. That is trash and it goes beyond Chris Cornell and it goes beyond Chester Bennington as well. There’s no reason to listen to music that is just going to make you feel weak, insecure and unhappy about yourself. There’s no point in it. There’s no benefit to it

I am sure  it feels good to express your anger and to connect with someone, but you’re not connecting with them over anything that’s real. Bands like these Nu-metal bands such as Korn and Disturbed who pretty much do the same thing, every one of their songs is about how  I’m an  angry repressed youth. These bands are exacerbating the issues within our society by making personal issues calling cards. Because of that everyone who listens to them also thinks that it’s cool to have some kind of fucked up story behind them. Your mistakes and tragedies should be shaped into positive anger. Use that anger to create. Not to create an outlet to bitch about everything in your life or to sing about your degenerate habits. This mentality leads to the ruination of the young and the lower IQ populations within a society.

The decline of our music into crybaby bullshit is probably due to our collective IQ decline. This in turn has reduced the complexity of popular music to the point of brain numbing simplicity.  We as a population can no longer appreciate talent or a profound beauty. Think of the pieces that were popular in the past: composers such as Bach, Wagner, Beethoven, Brahms, etc.. Today we have Chester Bennington’s stupid ass telling us to shut up. Oh, how we have fallen as a civilization. Comparing one of the composers above to the insanity that Bennington and his ilk write is truly embarrassing. Well, for anyone with an appreciation for the talent required to write good music.

This phenomenon of musicians playing to the lowest common denominator encapsulates the problems of the west. We have to be victims. The worse off you are the better your standing in the group. We should make fun of these impotent fuckwads. Not listen to them. They offer us nothing, but consumerism and depression; move on.



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