Migrant Crisis: Thanks Christians

I had conversation with a good Christian friend of mine about the migrant crisis in Europe. Inevitably we had the discussion about Islam and Christianity. This discussion got me thinking about the place of Christianity in European society. At first I could only think negative aspects. Seriously, I had a lot of trouble trying figure to out why in the hell we are Christians or even were at all.

Issue 1

As many are wont to do, my friend makes the insane claim that Christianity is a European Religion. Wrong! I know the Liberals in the US like to bitch about white Christians, but the truth is Christianity came from the same sand that Jews and Muslims forged their religion in. Yes, Christianity is a Semitic religion, as you can see at the beginning of this video. At the time of his Crucifixion, do you really believe Europeans were somehow in the Middle East? Even if they were, do you think that they’d bring that story home with them. No, of  course not. Christianity did not start as a European religion. It is a foreign religion that has displaced and assimilated Europe’s Pagan past. Religions that were created by our people for our people. Think about how insane that is. We have been conquered by an ideology that has no roots in our people.

So what, Christianity is European now!!! Are you sure about that? This is insane. How the shit can you even believe or say that. Check out this neat map. Did you notice how the southern half of the globe is Christian? Weird. You know they aren’t European, right? You can’t say they are American either because there are as many Sub Saharan African Christians as in the US.

Sub-Saharan Africa and the Asia-Pacific region now have a combined population of about 800 million Christians, roughly the same as the Americas. And five of the top 10 countries with the largest Christian populations are either in Africa (Nigeria, Democratic Republic of the Congo and Ethiopia) or Asia (Philippines and China). Moreover, the fastest growth in the number of Christians over the past century has been in sub-Saharan Africa (a roughly 60-fold increase, from fewer than 9 million in 1910 to more than 516 million in 2010) and in the Asia-Pacific region (a roughly 10-fold increase, from about 28 million in 1910 to more than 285 million in 2010).


Christianity is NOT a European identity. It was formed in a desert for desert people. We have to stop using this as our identity; it is false and retarded. The origins and the future of Christianity is one of the African continent not of North American or European. Shut up about it.

Issue 2

For all of the bitching and moaning about the migrant crisis in Europe from the Right, especially the religious Right, you’d think they’d realize that it’s them who created the issue. The moronic crusades to end hunger in Africa led to the migrant crisis. We’ve all seen the commercials, “For just a dollar a day, you can help feed Jafar Zeegon Dojark Furgon Dus and his family of 12 siblings”. Most of the organizations that do this are Christian. Their purpose is to spread the word of God. I get that, but the real consequences of this were pretty easy to see. Even Christ’s own disciples missed this one.

1) In the Apostolic age (30 to 80 AD) the first mission trips were taken by Christ’s disciples themselves. Peter preaches to a Gentile audience in the house of Cornelius in Caesarea Maritima, Mark goes to Alexandria in Egypt and Paul (formerly known as Saul of Tarsus) begins his first missionary journey to Western Anatolia, part of modern-day Turkey via Cyprus.

Mission Discovery

More to the point, In Africa you have a population of people who are unable to support themselves. If left to their own devices the population would have decreased to fit the style of life Africans are used to; but no we can’t do that as Christians. So the missionaries came over, brought them food, clean water, medicine and modern miracles of European creation. This however led to the Africans becoming reliant on these “gifts” for sustenance. Now that the Africans don’t have to find food or water or even worry about disease, they breed and breed. Did the missionaries stop? No, they continued because they were spreading the word of God without any foresight into the future. As long as the Africans would follow their religion and become addicted to their aid they were good. Should’ve prayed on this one assholes.

Then it all come to a head with the collapse of Libya, once Gaddafi was sodomized to death it happened. The flood of the Christians creation come across to greet us with welfare dependency and violence. They were predisposed to hand-outs because of Christians. They grew because of Christians. The US leaders that caused the Libyan government to fail claimed to be Christians. The crisis that has been called the beginning of the end of the west is a CHRISTIAN CREATED PROBLEM. Fuck you and your sand cult.

Issue 3

Now that Christians have created a gigantic existential problem for the west how do they respond? Have a look:

For us Christians, hospitality offered to the weary traveler is offered to Jesus Christ himself.



Christian politicians won’t say it, but the Bible is clear: let the refugees in, every last one.

This idiot


“World Relief is still evaluating the impact of this decision on the refugees and immigrants we serve,” stated Scott Arbeiter and Tim Breene, World Relief’s president and CEO, after Monday’s Supreme Court decision. “We will continue to carry out legal analysis to determine how and whether the refugee resettlement program will proceed, and continue to believe that the program should allow the most vulnerable refugees to be resettled in the United States—including, but not limited to, those with family relationships.”

Christianity Today

So when faced with the issue that they caused they react with idiotic word salads of being good Christians. Apparently, being a good Christian means you destroy yourself, even your religion, and eventually rid the world of your race? That makes no damn sense. Did you forget all of the modern inventions of our race? This is moronic. Europeans have to survive. No other race has created things in the way Europeans have. If you wanted to actually help people you would preserve Europeans.

These aren’t the only issues but they are the ones that piss me off the most. When faced with the extinction of our people, all Christians do is turn the other cheek. This type of suicide is unthinkable; no other religion offers its people up to extinction. Whites aren’t Christians, Africans are. Stop aligning with the enemy. Christianity has caused our issues with race. Leave it in Africa, we’ll reach for the stars not the sand.

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