Stop All Immigration: No more Half Measures

We have all heard it before: “no more half measures.” If you’re going to do something you have to go all the way. When we go into endeavors we must go as hard as we can. There is no other way or else we’ll fail. What is the point of doing something if you know it’s going to fail? We must go to completion.

In comes the Raise Act. This to my mind is a half measure. To understand what that means you first have to ask what is the goal of the Raise Act. Is your goal to get minorities off of the “Democrat plantation?” Is your goal to increase the skilled in our country? Is your goal to protect Europeans? Do you want Europeans to be majorities in their home countries?

If you wanted to get minorities off of the “democrat plantation,” or increase skills in the country; then of course to you the RAISE act is a full measure. You’ll get all of what you wanted. You are Alt-Lite and a Trump cheerleader, aren’t you? If you want to help your people, you see this as a half measure. A piece of legislation that is not going far enough to save us.

Ignoring the Alt-Lite idiots, this measure is not going to help us at all. It is purported that the RAISE Act will cut legal immigration in half. Which is great and slows down our replacement. With about one million immigrants that come in legally each year and 1,000 illegals coming in everyday. Halving these numbers are half measures, no matter how you slice it.

The reduction doesn’t mean much when Europeans in the US are not breeding to replacement levels. We cannot save ourselves by bringing in others. No matter the amount, no matter the level of skill, and no matter economic needs. We have to stop all immigration. It doesn’t matter how many brown people we bring in, if European populations aren’t breeding we can’t save ourselves.

We must become introspective if we are to ever save ourselves and the west. This begins with a full moratorium on immigration not just illegal, Islamic, or even unskilled; all immigrants. We are beaten and broken. If Trump truly wants to help, a full ban on all immigration is a way to begin to revitalize this country. In fact, he’d be the best president in a century. If his affirmative action lawsuits actually end he’d be the greatest president ever!!!

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