CNN being idiots

Alright guys, check this out: CNN Shitting it’s pants.

Yeah, the video is annoying but fuck that. I am more concerned with what the article has to say. Beyond the ridiculous Russia narrative, the article claims that Trump’s fall back is white grievance. In some ways this assertion is correct, but I would hardly say it is a fall back or that Trump is even aware of it.

The Trump movement clearly brought Europeans together. It has awoken segments of the European population to the immigration question. It has even awoken others to the racial question. In many ways it has shifted the Republican party to more European-centric policies.

I doubt this was Trump’s fall back. He ran on a platform of immigration reform without amnesty. The immigrants that are here legal and illegal hated him for this. The founding stock loved it. Trump’s entire platform while running was one that appealed to Europeans.

The issue with the Trump administration isn’t that Trump is going to appeal to Europeans, it is that he failed to continue with his message. He still hasn’t built a wall, passed any reasonable legislation that Europeans want, and he has entirely surrounded himself with people who hate us.

All Trump has to do is gain more European votes. Fuck the idiotic appealing to the Hispanic population or blacks. We need a wall and an end to immigration. This will get him re-elected. I am not sure what the fuck this dude thinks Trump was doing during his campaign, but he should really re-evaluate the past two years. The harder Trump was on immigration, the more support he garnered.

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