Right-wing SJW’s

When discussing the interests of European peoples, you encounter ridiculous counter arguments. European descended people have to endure the stupidest arguments against their own preservation. I have heard a ton of bullshit arguments. The most annoying of all is Sargon of Akkad’s argument against us.

The most annoying argument ever “you are guys are right-wing SJWs.” This is the bullshit that Sargon of Akkad pushes. The premise here is that SJW’s use identity politics to gather groups of “oppressed peoples,” so if the right wing uses European identity as a political tool to unite European peoples they are acting like SJWs.

To argue against this you have to point out that SJW’s defend every “oppressed people,” while we defend European people. So on one hand you have every person that is not a straight white male, which is a negative identity. That is important, because this makes the SJWs unable to define what they are.  Their use of identity puts them in a position where they have to be identity-less. Which isn’t really a good use of so called “identity politics,” is it?

If you contrast that with what we advocate for, an identity based on one people and their traditions, we are fighting for more than a victim class. We fight for our righteous place in history; we want our people to survive and to thrive. Our fight is not to prove how oppressed we are, our fight is to unite as one people and to regain sovereignty over our homelands. We are more than the SJW’s loser cause.

More than that, my question to you is why? Why do SJWs or the left use identity politics? The answer is simple: it works!! The left has won over and over again with simple identity politics. I know you hate it. I do too. There is no need for rigorous debate or discussion. More than that we should learn from our enemies. We can adopt their tactics and destroy them. If we don’t, there is no stopping the impending demographic disaster. We will lose it all.

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