Converge – I Can Tell You about Pain

Nearly 30 years and 8 studio albums since their formation, Massachusetts’ Converge haven’t lost a step. They’ve released a handful of classic albums that revolutionized their genre, they’ve influenced countless bands yet they still sound like a young, hungry band out to prove their self. And with a 5 year gap since the release of their last LP All We Love We Leave Behind, it seems fitting the band should have that same hunger to prove their self to a fan base starved of new material.

Converge did not disappoint in delivering on their latest single I Can Tell You about Pain. The title track is immediate, visceral, and aggressive; it gives you no room to breathe and takes no prisoners. Vocalist Jacob Bannon sounds better than he has in years. His screams are more cathartic and passionate, and his lyrics are more comprehensible and introspective than they have been in a long time. The closing track on the single though, Eve, is the true gem of this release. The 7 minute and 36 second track starts off with eerie instrumentals that build an atmosphere around the listener until the track explodes into chaos. Bannon delivers some of his most painful vocals recorded to date on this track. The rest of the band never let up on the atmosphere that was established at the start of the track, until it all culminates into cacophonous closure. 

As a whole there’s nothing at all wrong with I Can Tell You about Pain. Its two songs are both powerful in their own way and sound like the Converge fans have grown to love over the past nearly three decades while still managing to not sound stagnant or tired. My only qualm is that I wanted more, and while this is a fine way to tide fans over until a new LP is released, it just left me wanting to hear a full length and left me wondering if they’ll move more in the direction of “Eve” or the title track for the LP.

I give I Can Tell You About Pain 4.5/5.

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