How Christianity Could Fix the Migrant Crisis

In case you missed it, I have argued that Christians are the cause of migrant crisis. This in turn evoked a response from my friend. He didn’t disprove my claim that Christians are responsible for the migrant crisis. So in the interest of helping him out here, I am going to lay out a way for Christians to fix the issues they created in Africa and the Middle East. I know that Christians at large will ignore me and so will everyone that has a hand in these policies.

For starters, Christian leaders need to shut the fuck up about the poor conditions in Africa. Seriously guys, why can’t you leave it be? I understand you’re supposed to help the needy, but this is insane. You know about the boom in population growth in Africa. You know your mission trips with food and medicine are enabling their excessive breeding. How cruel do you have to be to push a population past its carrying capacity?

I believe that this is due to the need to spread Christianity. Christianity has to spread the word of God. Now I ask you how can a people, who have not created a written language or even the wheel in some cases, be able to understand the inner workings of Christ’s teachings? Do these people really want your preaching or do they say that for the resources you bring.

So my suggestion to Christians is to teach Christianity and leave out the food. These people could benefit from the intertwined western ideas. I believe that the people of Africa can benefit from these teachings, but you have to stop giving them resources. You are not helping them.

The really unfortunate part here is that people will die. What you have to realize is that these people are going to die if you keep this up. Probably more people will die if you keep propagating these peoples lifestyles. Now you have the chance to actually help these people.

For more on the subject check out our Podcast.

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