With Trump’s announcement of the new opiate crackdown, I got to thinking about the crisis itself and how my town was engulfed by heroin and opiate abuse. I grew up in a very small town. My graduating class was 29 people. We didn’t have very much in the way of a school, to be honest. The town itself had a strictly white population. Through the entirety of my childhood experience in said town, I never had any run-ins with illicit drugs, specifically opiates.

That all changed as I became a teenager. The amount of drug addicts spiked. It was either that or I was just more conscience of the issue. Either way, I became more and more aware of the issue.

On the block up from my grandma’s house there sat an abandoned church with busted stain glass windows and peeling paint. In the archway where the beautiful oaken doors sat, there were plywood boards. In the yard that was once well kept with flowers, there were overgrown weeds. The steps had be vandalized by the neighborhood kids. Cops always drove by the church to prevent it from being broken into or further vandalized. All in all the once beautiful building had been neglected and was in ruins of its former glory.

In an attempt to revitalize, the city decided to sell the church. The church was then inhabited by an untold amount of Hispanics. While this did revitalize the building, it completely change the nature of the space. The building’s purpose changed. The land that was once a meeting place for whites to worship had been changed into a dwelling space for a poor horde of Hispanics.

The church building is a parable of the plague of white America. America was built by Christian whites. It provided the founding populations with a great ethnic and cultural unity. We as a culture have abandoned the Christian nature of our country. With this like the abandoned church, comes a hollowing out of the soul. We have become worn down. Vandalized by others, our country has changed and even lost its purpose.

Then come the suppressed birthrates. With that comes the immigrants to help fix the hollowed out people’s birthrates. The people lose their way and their common bond. Whites don’t have the same level of culture, community, and cohesion. With that comes a crushing amount of depression, sadness, and whole lot of emotional damage. Especially when the institutions of their own country turn on them.

With the damage done to the culture, religious, and ethnic bond that was once there, whites turn to things to placate their pain. In many cases these hopeless people turn to opiates. This scourge has only increased as the immigration situation and cultural decline. As whites become more dispossessed this will only increase. The only way to stop the opiate crisis is to save the white culture and people of this great nation. America is not a dwelling space for Hispanics.

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