Adam the Cultural Marxist Ruins Television

I recently watched Adam Ruins Everything. By now everyone has seen this stupid ass show. Most of the people around me actually enjoy this show. Most people aren’t able to see through the bullshit propaganda. Unfortunately, most of these people enjoy the show because it is different or whatever. I can’t help to think that I may be too sensitive to this shit, but I have to mention it.

At first when I was told about the show I was impressed by the fact that the show actually put citations up on the screen. Then I noticed that the citations that the show frequently use are just leftist run news sites like: The NY Times, Washington Post, Snopes, and many other sites. This doesn’t mean that the show doesn’t ever use actual studies. They do, but it is sparse. This allows the show to build up lefty arguments with echo chamber sites and then bolster its arguments with one or two real citations.

The goal here is to destroy free market ideas in healthcare, to destroy the notion of a wall, to destroy the capacity of our women to have many children, and many other things that are needed for the west to survive and thrive. This show is a clear manifestation of Cultural Marxism. The idea of the infamous Frankfurt School that set about a mission of bringing the West down through destroying institutions that were in the West for centuries. This show also sets forth the notion that all of the things we hold dear are wrong.

When we reject our traditions and ways of life, that leaves a space for their destructive ideas. Shows like this are wrecking our people and our nations. Stop watching this bullshit. Adam Conover is exactly that, a Con. Disregard this show, unless you want to attack his arguments that the left are sure to use.

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