Dear Conservatives/Republicans

My family and I have been voting for you cunts for as long as you have been a party. My grandmother believes that Reagan died to save our souls from damnation. My dad says the retarded creed “I’m fiscally conservative and socially liberal.” My uncle actually believed that Mitt Romney was going to reform this country the way Reagan did. I guess he was unaware of the amnesty Regan granted in 1986 which handed California over to the liberals forever. The point here is simple; I know and love the people you lie to on a daily basis. These people are my blood. I am sick and tired of your bullshit lies.

These poor people actually believe that you have their best interest at heart. Over the course of time you have betrayed their confidence. You failed to protect the rights guaranteed to them. You will not stop the hordes of immigrants from displacing them. These are the people that follow your every word. Yes, they are stupid. Yes, they should know better, but you have convinced them otherwise. They won’t listen to me, because I am too young to know anything about politics, according to them.

So really, what have you conserved? What have you protected? Do you really stand on our side? Do you really care for the American people? Are you just worried about getting into office for the next term? Be honest with me. I am sick of your lies. Your lies are hurting this country. More than liberals could ever have imagined. Why is it that you never move policy forward in a conservative way? We have the Supreme Court, why is gay marriage still legal? Everyone knows that that decision was entirely unconstitutional. You pretend that this document is the deity from which the US was spawned.

With each year the government further encroaches on our privacy to protect us from terrorism. Terrorism that is caused by a foreign element which conservative/republican voters want to ban from their country altogether. You won’t protect the demographics of this country from being replaced by 1000 illegal aliens every single day and 1,000,000 legal immigrants every year. Those demographics of which are European. You know, eighty fucking percent of your voting block!!! You say you have to get more Hispanic voters or black voters. That’s bullshit. You need to take care of the people who hold their nose and vote for you every term.

Instead of taking care of these people you look at them with contempt and hatred. To you we are the dirty laborers who cost too much. To you we are the tax livestock of which you want to drain. To you we are pawns in your little war games in the Middle East. You do not give a shit about the people of this country, at least not the European stock that has given you all of your power and validation in your career. You see every European American as a bump in the way to helping Israel, getting yourself giant tax cuts, or censoring people like me.

I hate you. I hate everything about you. You have destroyed this country. You pretend to be in opposition to the left, but all you do is lose to them in the most outstanding fashion and never ever recover. You are the reason that we have moved so far from the way things used to be. I cannot stand you. Do every one of your voters a favor and admit that you are just a pawn for the Democrats. Tell them that you don’t plan on fixing healthcare, immigration, education, or anything that would actually benefit the people of this country in any measurable way. Just tell them that you are in this to pass tax cuts and to allow the left to turn this country into a communist dictatorship. Be honest for once in your disgusting life.

I know you will never tell the truth and that’s fine. I never liked this party. I never liked democracy, but many of the people I love do. Even the people that condemn me for sticking up for them, I just wish I could shake them from your sirens gaze before this country and its people became consumed. You are all treasonous bastards to your people.

We are at an important point in the history of the West. We have reached a time in which the left wants to rewrite all the glories of the past. This is done in an attempt to demoralize all of us. When the brave men and women who risk life and limb to defend our history against these murderers of the soul, you contemptible trash refuse to defend them. That’s fine, we refuse to defend you. European people will rise up. You can try to suppress us with your false opposition, but you only make us more resolute. I will show my loved ones the way. The more you turn on us the more we will turn on you.


Evola Linkola

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