Profane Nexus

This is my second review in a row of an Old School Death Metal band with a newer album, and I know that makes it seem like death metal or extreme metal will be my main focus as a critic, but I promise that’s not the case. It’s just how the cards aligned that two older bands I love would release new albums in the same year. This album by New York’s Incantation, however, is much better than the latest release from Immolation.

Incantation have been pumping out putrid, decrepit death metal since their debut album, and my personal favorite, Onward to Golgotha was released in 1992. Since then they’ve gone through many lineup changes but still retained their core identity as a band; slow, doomy passages that intertwine with neck-breaking blast beats and throat shredding vocals. Much like their neighbor band Immolation, they found a formula and stuck to it for most of their long career.

Their latest offering, Profane Nexus, is no different. If you’ve listened to Incantation before, and if you haven’t go listen to Onward to Golgotha right now, you know exactly what to expect going into a new Incantation album. Profane Nexus sounds exactly as an Incantation album should, but a bit more revitalized than they have on their recent albums. Vocalist/guitarist and only remaining founding member John McEntee delivers possibly the best performance of his career. He sounds downright demonic on “Rites of the Locust,” possibly my favorite track on the album.

All in all, I greatly enjoyed this album. It’s certainly not their best work, and I doubt they’ll ever top their debut album, but it’s a great addition to their discography and a worthwhile listen for any fans of death metal. Age hasn’t slowed down these veterans at all. 4/5. incantationprofanecd

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