Steven Neo-Con Crowder

My You Tube feed has really fucking triggered me this week. No one has triggered me harder than everyone’s favorite fag, Steven Crowder. I encourage everyone to watch this idiotic video:–B4Jhts . I can’t tell if he watched anything other than Fox News, but that’s okay. I am ready to set him straight. 

Point one of our compatriot is that we don’t respect the constitution or the law. Actually Steven, this is entirely inaccurate. The rally-goers were trying to exercise their rights. The folks who organized this rally planned it for months. They even obtained a permit for their rally. They had a federal judge reinstate said permit. The “white nationalists” as you call them were trying to abide by the law. The Anti-Fa however were there to disrupt a constitutionally protected rally and illegally so, I might add. How can you say the two don’t respect the constitution? The only group there who hates the constitution is the Anti-FA. The Alt-Right were trying to exercise their constitutional right. How are these two groups the same in this instance?

The second argument in this video is that Anti-fa and the Alt-Right use identity politics so therefore they are similar. I have addressed this annoying argument before. All I have to say here is that using identity politics is a successful tactic in today’s political environment. Even if the political environment wasn’t requiring whites to do this, what choice do whites have? We have been backed into voting for Republicans anyway. Eighty percent of the voting base for Republicans are white. The Alt-Right is honest unlike conserthatithes. Whites are the base for the right. Stop pretending otherwise.

His third argument is that the Anti-Fa and the Alt-right use victim hood to bring about the scary big government. Okay, yeah Spencer did advocate for single payer as a remedy for the current system. It was advocated as a political solution to healthcare reform for Trump. It is readily apparent that the Republicans aren’t going to pass anything for Trump. So Spencer offered up an answer by forming a coalition with Democrats to embarrass the people who are in Trump’s way. This is not why the Anti-Fa and communists want a single payer. They want it because “Healthcare is a human right.”

The bonus round of similarities is that both groups want to destroy Israel? Yeah, the left does want the Palestinians to destroy Israel. Are there people in the Alt-Right that want to destroy Israel? I am sure there is. Most of the people in the Alt-Right don’t. It just annoys us that Jews praise the ethno-state then in the same breath they lobby for multiculturalism in the west. We oppose this hypocrisy. We want nationalism for all. We believe everyone deserves the right to exist and to have self-determination. It is not anything more or less.

To sum this whole thing up, I wanted to ask Crowder what is with the ad-hominem attacks? Why don’t you state whether or not the Alt-Right has legitimate arguments? They were protesting the removal of our shared history and all you do is make comparisons to an openly Communist group. This is lazy. These people have articulated their arguments. They even put out a manifest to express their beliefs but you stooped to this level of attack.

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