No Nazis, No KKK, No Fascist USA!!!!

With Charlottesville in the books as a setup and potentially a good thing at the same time, I just wanted to make a few things clear here on this site: There is an unshakable feeling of misunderstanding. I do not know for sure there is, but I hope this post at least makes my views on everything clear: Faustian Awakening was and is setup to advocate for Nationalism for all peoples and to protect the people of European heritage’s homelands. That is all we want. There no more to it than that.

Multiculturalism/Diversity is the issue. The idea that different groups can live in the same area and not constantly be at war is fantasy. No people are at fault. We look to move forward in a peaceful way. We want to negotiate a  way to have nations of all one people. This is the way to a peaceful world.

Unfortunately, all of this diversity, multiculturalism, and charges of racism are directed at one group of people: European descended people. Due to this fact we have to advocate for our people. It is out of love. This is not about hate for anyone. We want as diverse a world as possible, but advocating for the erasure of Europeans is counter to that idea.

We believe that Nazism/Hilterism/1488ism/Neo-Nazism and all other types of people are not serious or if they are serious they are diluted. These ideas are flawed at their core because they follow paths that have already failed. They are not a way forward, but a way backwards for the right as a whole.

For some context to this chant.

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