Reasons Not to Defame Andrew Jackson

With the recent political upheaval there has been a call to tear down statues and to rename roads, parks, or whatever else we can in order to remove European-descendant men from the history books. For this to be done we have to go on about slavery and defame many great men. One of the men who have been defamed in the process is Andrew Jackson. I do not understand why we would do this. Jackson was an incredible person; for this he is to be removed from the twenty dollar bill and erased from all monuments. The US as a country is going to remove one of the greatest political actors from our memory. This is an unimaginably horrendous action. If we forget the incredible achievements and successes that made America what it is, we will lose America with it. More than that we will lose pride in our people. We have to stop this.

In order to reconstruct a man’s character I have brought together a list of Andrew Jackson’s accomplishments. This list puts to shame the politicians of today and maybe that is why they want him gone; politicians of today pale in comparison to a man of this stature. Perhaps their hubris is why they want to destroy our forefather’s greatness. The monuments and coinage that our forefathers grace act as mirrors for the emptiness of their souls. This forces politicians of today to realize they are useless and provide us with nothing. For this reason we must defend men of Jackson’s mold.

The following list is not exhaustive, but it should arm you, dear reader, with the knowledge to attack the disgusting cowards who want to destroy our history. These people want to disconnect us from our ancestors. Faustian Awakening is here to solidify it. Arm yourself with the knowledge of an angry Scotts-Irishmen who loved his countrymen!

1.) For all of the yammering of reducing the US debt from Republicans, they never actually do anything about it. The federal debt has steadily increased for decades regardless of the party in charge. The most hilarious part of all of this is that the founder of the Democratic party, Andrew Jackson, was the only US president to fully pay the debts of the US to zero. It lasted from 1835-1837. No wonder the Republicucks want him gone. He actually delivered on a campaign promise that they pretend is impossible.

2.) What made it possible to reduce the debt of the US to zero? I would have to credit it to the fact that Jackson ended the Second Bank of the United States. The dangers of a Federal Reserve system are well documented. Jackson was vehemently opposed to these types of institutions. Again, Jackson highlights the failures of our current politicians. So they have to shout “Slavery!” to hide their horrible performance.

3.) In our dying times there is a disturbing lack of fatherhood. In fact most of the guys my age have some kind of daddy issue. That’s probably why they are so gay, but that detracts from the point here. Andrew Jackson was a father figure for a total of 11 children. Men of today can hardly father a single child. One of these children happened to be a Native American. Shocking, huh?

4.)  Today politicians are pussies. Jackson was a man of valor and action. Jackson was the first president to have an attempt on his life.

Richard Lawrence, an unemployed house painter, approached Jackson as he left a congressional funeral held in the House chamber of the Capitol building and shot at him, but his gun misfired. A furious 67-year-old Jackson confronted his attacker, clubbing Lawrence several times with his walking cane. During the scuffle, Lawrence managed to pull out a second loaded pistol and pulled the trigger, but it also misfired. Jackson’s aides then wrestled Lawrence away from the president, leaving Jackson unharmed but angry and, as it turned out, paranoid.

He not only survives the attack, but he beats the guy with his cane. No politician today even has the balls to confront their own party on issues they disagree with. Let only stand up to an insane lunatic in this manner.

5.) To further bolster Jackson’s status as a man of impossible will and strength, check out all of the illnesses he bore:

Because of his toughness during the War of 1812, Andrew Jackson was nicknamed “Old Hickory” by his soldiers. Last week, a specialist in reconstructing diagnoses of historical figures reported that he rated the title. By the time it was conferred on him, Old Hickory, 46, had had smallpox, osteomyelitis, malaria, dysentery, rheumatism and half a dozen other assorted diseases; in his chest was a dueler’s bullet that was to plague him until he died at 78.

In Surgery, Gynecology and Obstetrics, Librarian Frances Tomlinson Gardner, of the University of California Medical School, says it is doubtful that Jackson ever had tuberculosis, as some biographers have thought. What fooled them, she concludes, was his bronchitis, malarial fever, and a lung abscess caused by the bullet. But he had almost everything else: bronchiectasis (inflamed and dilated bronchial tubes), stomach, kidney and eye trouble; in later years, “cholera morbus” (widespread intestinal inflammation) and dropsy. From another duel he had an open wound in his left arm; doctors wanted to amputate, but he refused and trusted in a poultice of slippery elm (still used in lozenges for sore throat). He kept the arm, but later developed osteomyelitis (stubborn infection of the bone). The infections from the bullets, Diagnostician Gardner thinks, brought on amyloidosis (a waxy degeneration of body tissues). Jackson reached Washington after his first election as President “62 years old, racked with pain, fainting from weakness.” Concludes Researcher Gardner: “No structure ever endured under greater handicaps than the frame that supported the brain of the astonishing, the determined, the invincible gentleman from Tennessee.”


Talk about being a tough son of a bitch. Jackson was reeling from every conceivable illness and he pressed on. This is the kind of man men should look up to. Not modern day men who are feminized and barely have more testosterone than their butch girlfriends. Men press on no matter the pain. Even if Jackson hadn’t accomplished anything during his presidency, this aspect of his life would make him incredible.

6.) Jackson often dueled to defend himself and his wife. He was a man who would rather die than to be dishonorable. There are not any men alive today that feel this way or would even act on the sentiment.

Jackson knew that his wife’s past would become somewhat of a liability in his public and political career and, as a result, was always prepared to defend her and her honor. Before ever becoming president, Jackson fought 103 duels–mostly defending the integrity of his wife. As a result, Jackson is said to have kept 37 pistols ready to be used in a duel at all times.

Jackson’s wife was a big point of contention for him, but he stood by her and fought tenuously for her. I for one think that this is how we should feel for our women. Men should defend the honor of their women at all cost.

6.) With all of the craziness going on over the Civil War, I believe it is extremely important to point out that Andrew Jackson prevented it from happening during his terms as president.

In 1828, Congress passed a high protective tariff that infuriated the southern states because they felt it only benefited the industrialized north. For example, a high TARIFFon imports increased the cost of British TEXTILES. This tariff benefited American producers of cloth — mostly in the north. But it shrunk English demand for southern raw cotton and increased the final cost of finished goods to American buyers. The southerners looked to Vice President John C. Calhoun from South Carolina for leadership against what they labeled the “TARIFF OF ABOMINATIONS.”

Henry Clay’s response was to reduce the tariff.

In 1832, Henry Clay pushed through Congress a new tariff bill, with lower rates than the Tariff of Abominations, but still too high for the southerners. A majority of states-rights proponents had won the South Carolina State House in the recent 1832 election and their reaction was swift. The SOUTH CAROLINA ORDINANCE OF NULLIFICATION was enacted into law on November 24, 1832. As far as South Carolina was concerned, there was no tariff.

Jackson’s response to this was to threaten military action against South Carolina, but Henry Clay and congress made a compromise to deescalate a potential civil war. This is widely regarded as a victory for Jackson. His bravado during this crisis prevented hundreds of thousands of deaths.

7.) Jackson was responsible for the Trail of Tears with The Indian Removal Act.

The Indian Removal Act was signed into law by President Andrew Jackson on May 28, 1830, authorizing the president to grant unsettled lands west of the Mississippi in exchange for Indian lands within existing state borders. A few tribes went peacefully, but many resisted the relocation policy. During the fall and winter of 1838 and 1839, the Cherokees were forcibly moved west by the United States government. Approximately 4,000 Cherokees died on this forced march, which became known as the “Trail of Tears.”

I understand the complaint with this aspect of Jackson. My question to you is what else could he have done with a group of people who were violent to people to whom he was the leader? What besides outright destroying an entire group of people could Jackson have done? What besides allowing the Indian tribes to destroy his countrymen?

See the ugly truth is that Jackson didn’t have any other option here. When we are faced with ethnic conflict such as this it is either kill, be killed, or reach some kind of segregation. There is no peaceful solution to this. So a decision was made to create segregation. This was exactly the right call. In fact this is how to resolve all racial and ethnic conflict through separation: Nationalism.

There you have it one of the greatest presidents and maybe even greatest men in all of history. Andrew Jackson is worthy of praise in modern discourse. He makes this Irish descended man proud to be Irish. His bravery and tenacity led a torn country through trying times, and under him the US came out better on the other side. Jackson is and was a hero to our people. Lets give him his pedestal in the pantheon of our forefathers.

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