Egalitarian societies need an oppressed group to maintain themselves. This group can actually be an actively oppressed group, slaves, or the current victim hood pathology we see in the left today. Without a group to make yourself equal to the endless cycle of capitulation, it does not matter the society this viewpoint will result in moral degradation, bankruptcy, and collapse. This view point creates an environment that favors the lowest common denominator in society at large. Eventually, that society becomes like its worst in a death-spiral.

We see this happening and even accelerating in the west. With the passage of numerous immigration bills that turned the traditional ethnic make-up of the US into a hodgepodge of different interests, we have seen a multitude of “oppressed” minorities from the illegal Hispanic migrant to the legal Indians with PHDs from an enormously scandalous “University.” With Hispanic groups we are expected to tolerate the drugs, violence, and leeching from Hispanics. With Indians we are supposed to pretend that the degrees they obtain in India mean something.

We are supposed to be helping the disadvantaged youth in inner cities, but all we do is lower expectations on them. We give these African Americans welfare, federal monies in their schools and even housing to achieve equality. However this goal can never be achieved. Fundamentally, African Americans aren’t able to conform to European style of learning, teaching, or way of life.

We pretend that homosexuals, trans, or whatever else these people call themselves are normal citizens of our society. The fact of the matter is that Western societies are built from units of families. If you are unable to have a family, westernized societies aren’t going to work for you. Instead of acknowledging this fact we destroy our familial structure to appease these weirdos all in the name of egalitarianism.

The point here is that all the while we are lowering the expectations on ourselves and those around us to meet these defects. Egalitarianism forces us into a situation where we must accept and cater to the meekest among us. This is weakening us all. This is destroying all of us. If we do not attack egalitarianism and its priests on the left and right we will die.

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