Idiotic Individuals

After the events of Charlottesville, we have a situation where mainstream conservatives and Republicans are conflating the Alt-right/Identitarians with Antifa/Alt-Left. This comes about because the Republicans and conservatives have this tendency to reduce things to a minut level. They have reduced the divide between the left and the right to just collectivism and individualism. While this is true, there is a little bit more nuance to the situation. Nothing in life exists in a vacuum.

To begin we have to look at the argument. It goes like this: since Alt-right/Identitarians strive to create a racial identity for whites that makes them collectivist. Since, Antifa/Alt-Left are communist they are collectivist. Since both groups are collectivsts they are left-wing. Therefore, the Alt-right/Identitarians are left-wing.

The idea of a white identity is of course a collectivist idea. There is no way to deny that simple fact. The nuance comes in when you realize that Republicans have increasingly became the party of the White man.


Republicanism/Conservatism is white identity politics. The average white is dedicated to voting for these people. The Republican party has increasingly began to pull in the white vote. Republicans by in large do not want to be the party of whites. Most whites themselves don’t want to stick up for themselves. Whites are like the goofy nerd in 80’s movie; we take all this abuse, but refuse to stick up for ourselves.

If the west is to ever recover, if we are to ever get  a society where the rugged individual is celebrated and successful, we have to realize that whites are the only group of people that want this. The west has to realize that its past success was indeed due to the struggles of the individual, but this was tampered by a sense of racial collectivism.

The United States pre-1965 was a nation that was majority white. It was a nation of the individual. It was exactly what these conservative/republicans want. They just refuse to acknowledge this simple fact. The voting public has awakened to this, but they have not. The Alt-Right and other various nationalist types are here to tell you this.

The individualism that underlies these right leaning ideologies are impossible to keep around without the people who are actually capable of following individualism. Your based Nigerian is not capable of this. Only whites are. If you want to keep your politics the way they are, I suggest you embrace a bit of collectivism.


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