A Generation Screwed

As a generation millennials are berated and attacked. Millennials are self-centered, they need to rely on mommy, they don’t understand anything, they don’t care, they aren’t self-sufficient. While these things may be true, why don’t we consider how this happened? I know it is easy to blame them, but if we fail to understand the cause of this we’ll never figure out how to fix these issues.

The issues with my generation are expansive, but the way to remedy this is not through these annoying memes of how horrible we are, but to remedy the actual issues. I know this is a radical idea, but let’s look at the issues we have and think about it.

Most of the criticisms we get are something to do with money. We want to live close to our parents for childcare. We spend more and more money on job interviews. We have to move back in with our parents. We have a warped sense of wealth. Sounds like a generation that wasn’t given a proper education in finance, or maybe they were handed a shitty economy?

Since pinning a shitty education of a group of children on their parents just sends the parents into cognitive dissonance, I’ll focus on the shitty economy. What generation is now retiring and consuming nearly half of the federal budget?

Together, these programs represent $1,500 billion in spending for this year alone, which is 40 percent of the federal budget. –NR

Well, that’s the baby boomers. Yes, it is the generation that calls us lazy and reliant on our mommy and daddy. This generation is the one that is responsible for a ton of our debt as a nation.

As of 2015, the millennial generation has slightly surpassed the baby boomer generation in overall population in the United States. However, many of the almost 75 million boomers have reached retirement age and are unprepared financially. Many plan to live almost exclusively on Social Security despite the ongoing depletion of the system. Many also plan to keep on working, at least part time, past the age of 65 to supplement their retirement incomes. Opinion is mixed as to whether this trend strengthens the economy by maintaining experienced workers in the workforce or weakens it by keeping younger workers from finding jobs.


I get so tired of being called an entitled generation. How in the fuck are we entitled when boomers refuse to retire on their own dime? How is using my parents as a babysitter entitled? How is expecting the government to provide me with the same benefits as you entitled? Anyways, fuck boomers.

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