Good Nature


Very few albums from this year were as hyped up in my own head as Virginia Beach-based Turnover’s Good Nature. After the release of Peripheral Vision in 2015 which saw the band completely shed their pop-punk roots for a more shoegaze direction I was hooked on the band. Injecting a shoegaze influence into your music seems to be a new trend for bands out of ideas, so very few actually manage to make it happen but Turnover did. Naturally after such a great album I had high hopes the band could follow it up.

Good Nature is a worthy successor to Peripheral Vision. It hits the same shoegaze notes, it still sounds like the same band, just a little bit poppier. Album opener “Super Natural” is a strong single, and as a first taste of what the album has to offer it’s a great way to kick things off. When those spacey guitars start it off and then the drums kick in, you know this band hasn’t strayed from their dream pop/shoegaze path and are sounding a little bit more confident in the direction.

As the album progresses the band doesn’t lose their momentum. It’s a strong album all the way through; no particular tracks stick out as stronger than another so you really have to take it as a whole package. While that can be a detraction for some listeners, if you take albums as a whole experience and not just a collection of songs it’s a great thing. The album operates exactly as I think an album should; every song contributes to the greater part of the album as a whole. I don’t know if the band understands that or if it was accidental but regardless, this is how an album should be.

My only complaint about Good Nature is that it had to follow up Peripheral Vision. It has to compete with a phenomenal album that completely transformed the band into a different beast, so there was always going to be room for disappointment. Good Nature isn’t necessarily a disappointment; it’s a strong album, the tracks are all great, it all flows together, and it will probably make it onto my end-of-year list. It just simply isn’t as strong a release as Peripheral Vision, but that’s really the only thing I can take from this release.

This is a great album that I recommend if you want a spacey, chill listening experience.

My final verdict is a 4/5.

Check out “Super Natural” here.

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