Why Does All This Matter Anyway: an Essay Against Racial Nihilism.

At this point the fact that race is real is undeniable. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 (Each number is a separate link to books and studies regarding race). The question that seems to be up in the air is; does it matter? Is racial identity important for anyone? Does it help or hurt society? Does that make for a better world? I contend that racial identity is vitally important to society.

So race is real. So what? It’s real, but I don’t care about it. This is type of nihilism is the defacto answer from many of my peers. These are the people who are creating many issues in society, but let’s address the importance of race for these people.

To this person I would say that racial groups make political decisions, financial decisions, familial decisions much differently in a society, and even have medical implications. Each racial group make decisions as a group. Obviously there are outliers, but here we mean to talk on the trends. Race can reasonably predict many aspects of ones life by looking at the trends.

So let’s look at the political importance of race. In the 2012 election, Barack Obama won the African American vote with a whooping 93% to Mitt Romney’s 6%. On the other hand Mitt Romney won the white vote with a 59% to Obama’s 39%. In the 2016 election Clinton won the African American vote with 89% to Trumps 8%. Trump won White votes by 57% to Clinton’s 37%. If race wasn’t important, then why is it that we can see within reason that African Americans vote Democrat and that Whites vote Republican?

Race has an undue impact on the financial situation people find themselves in as well. The most telling financial situation would be poverty, because the West has always tried to eliminate it. Well, in order to do so you must understand the disparate impact of race on such things. Poverty rates vary in the US by race.


(Chart taken from IRP)

If race wasn’t important these clear separations would not exist. As racial groups we make similar decisions. Those can be good or bad, but they define us. You can’t talk about poverty rates without considering the impact of single motherhood. While this may be the reason some groups do better than others, I just want to show that in the US each racial group again seperates itself apart with wildly different rates of single motherhood.


(Chart taken from ACT)

Again we see that grouping as a race allows us to make predictions. In no field is that more important than the medical field. Lives are saved or lost everyday based on the ability of a healthcare provider to accurately predict and treat a patient’s aliments. Here race also plays a key role. The biggest threat to our healthcare infrastructure is the alarming rate of obesity and its negative health impacts. Yet again there is a clear racial divide. African Americans are 47.8%, Latinos 42.5%, Whites at 32.6% obese. Again, fairly large impact on the numbers. Race is important here.

Now we understand that race is important, the next question would be is racial identity important? The best way to look at whether or not racial identity matters is to think of people as social creatures. We as a species are extremely social, all primates are. So there is an innate social need to be accepted into a group. What I mean is that people are drawn to groups as a need. Loneliness causes depression and many other physiological issues.

Sometimes we belong to groups without even actively trying to join. Race happens to be one of those types of groups. Unfortunately, we have no control over whether or not we are a certain race. The great thing is that we are all some race or a mix of them. So the question then becomes should we be proud of the group we are in or should we be ashamed?

When we are considering such a thing, it is important to think about the happiness of the individuals of the group. A group fundamentally is only happy when all of its members are happy with who they are. So yes, a person should be proud of their group, especially when a group is something you are born into without choice. All people should be proud of their race, because it makes their racial group happy as a whole. Pride in yourself is pride in your race.

Now this is a particular problem for European descended peoples. As a group they have dominated the world. This historic domination has caused animosity from other racial groups. This in turn has even caused people in our own group to feel animosity for their own race. European descended people need not feel this animosity for their own. We are not a uniquely evil people. European people have created the modern world. There is no need to feel bad. We ended slavery. We created vast and great empires and countries. Be proud. All racial groups should be. It is literally in our DNA.

The next question that arises when you finally break through is doesn’t racial identity politics hurt society? The short answer is yes. Racial identity does hurt a society, but that society is already hurting. In the US we see this today. We are trillions of dollars in debt in the federal deficit and through unfunded liabilities. We have lost our religion. We replaced our relationships with hollow consumerism. We have forsaken our ancestors. We have emasculated our men. We teach our children lies. Our society is morally and literally bankrupt. So when we exert a renewed sense of ourselves, it hurts this sick society and that’s a good thing.

We seek to fix our sick society. Racial identity is an avenue to do this. A people deprived of their identity is a people lost. When a society’s people are lost, the society itself is lost. That is what is happening in America. The founding stock of America has lost its identity.  The awakening of identity in America will cause a split, but in many ways that is needed. This experiment cannot continue.

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