To start this off I have to state that I don’t mean this to be mean or insulting. These are simple observations of a common group of young white men that needs to be addressed. If you know these people or are these people, I write this solely as a means to maybe have a dialogue with you about many issues we as a group are faced with. I also did enjoy myself. These guys were very accommodating to a total stranger.

With that out of the way, allow me to begin my story. Every once in awhile, some poor asshole will decide that I should be in their wedding. While this is probably a seriously idiotic idea, I have been in many weddings.  Anyway, on Saturday I was invited to the bachelors party for a friend I work with.

The week prior to the party, I was going to get to hang out with and meet some new people. We were supposed to go Axe throwing (apparently it exists), a very white and masculine sounding thing to do indeed. I was ready to chuck some axes and chug some beers.

Before I lay out the events and ultimately their reflections on society, I have to tell you about the guy getting married. So he is a regular lifter, he is about as Christian as they come, and  I have recently brought him over to the nationalist and European advocacy side of the table. So the expectation is that the rest of the his grooms men are too. Maybe they are shitlords or something of that nature. I have a nasty habit of high expectations.

Upon arrival to the venue, I see my work buddy waving at me to come into what looks like an abandoned warehouse of some sort. So we walk in and exchange handshakes and greetings to each other like proper gentlemen. So we sign a waiver. Apparently one of the guys is a minor and his brother (I think they were brothers) signs for him. Strange, but hey I want to throw some axes. We finally get this gay website to load and all sign this waiver, promising not to sue over lost limbs.

The lady that works there tells us we are to join another group of people and to count off as into two groups. The best man tells her he scheduled a private event a month ahead of time and wanted it to just be our group of six. She says it’s only her and she can’t do that. At which point we decide to leave and reschedule. This sucks and I am thinking “Dude, you just got cucked. Why not flip out. My Irish ass would’ve lost it.” Everyone decided it wasn’t her fault and we should go elsewhere.

So we go to a shooting range instead. All in all, a super cool experience. We spent something like two hours shooting. Then we head to another guy’s house where we had a grill out. The whole time I am there, these dudes constantly talk about video games. I mean it got real autistic at one point and they were watching a video about the new Destiny, that one of them beat in the three days after its release. Eventually, we had to play Xbox One for hours.

Video games are cool. They are fun at times, but these dudes’ entire existence was their saved data on their X-boxes. I was kind of in awe at the time, but after thinking about it: these were some obviously high IQ, capable, and white young guys. What a waste of raw talent in a virtual world. I mean, this is the peak of your life. This is when you should be honing a skill, getting a dutiful wife, and making beautiful children.

This culture is fun and produced a lot of the memes we enjoy. These guys were also normies. They consume what’s in front of them. There was no way they would ever post some racial crime stats on Twitter or even think about white identity. They were much happier consuming some vapid material fed to them by many of the same types who control Hollywood and other mass media.

The past few days I have come to realize that this normie-sque gamer culture desperately needs help. I am clueless as to how we break through to them as they feel the need to endlessly white knight or cower in the face of a brown person. I truly feel for these Bugmen and have no way to ween them from the poison that they feel compelled to drink.

This comes from lazy parenting. It is so much easier to leave your kids on a game than to interact with them. As a child your games become a surrogate for parental relationships, and as an adult these become your only comfort. From my perspective, it seems like the laziness of boomer parents have condemned my generation further.

Seeing this at the level I experienced it is disheartening. I think that these guys could really accomplish a ton, but in many ways the damage has been done. I’m not sure if these guys will care enough about themselves, let alone about their race.

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