The Biggest Black Pill

A lot of guys on the right always talk about the collapse of the West. According to them we are going to experience a civil war of some kind or there will be a resource war of sorts. They usually cite the fact that ethnic conflict is inevitable with multicultural societies; the fundamental institutions of the West are rotten to the core; or a mix of the two with some other doomsday prophecy. To me this crap sounds like wishful thinking.

While I do agree that in the past ethnic conflict was unavoidable in a multicultural society, I do not think Europeans are capable of fighting back as we are. European man has all but had the fight bred out of him. Our testosterone levels are steadily declining. This could be due to a litany of reasons, but the very essence of maleness is being evaporated from the European man like raindrops in the afternoon heat of a desert.

Along with the loss of chemical manliness we are losing more and more of our men to video games and porn. Why would you ever care about the culture and the people around you when you can get all of the stimulation you need from a computer screen? More and more of us are staying at home, because you can fulfill the biggest driver of men, sex, with a click of the mouse. Then any other interaction can be had in a video game. Do you really think these low test, porn addicted, video game obsessed nu-males are going to fight off cultures that teach their 10 year olds to decapitate people?

With the video game culture and everything that comes the pervasive nihilism of the western man. I’ve written about this before, but the point is most men and women too don’t give a shit about their race. How do you expect there to be an ethnic conflict at all, when most Europeans have given up on their own racial identity? There will only be submission from these types.

There is no more culture in the west. All of the traditions of the west have been mass produced and outsourced. Christmas trees are just cheap plastic made in China. Thanksgiving is nothing more than a bank holiday. Easter is an excuse to engorge on candy and ham. No one celebrates the religious/cultural meaning in a reverent way. Westerners feel no connection to their culture. They don’t believe we even have one.

Do you think that the leaders of Western countries will give up their power in the event that ethnic conflict does happen? No, they’ll squash everyone involved. Look at Charlottesville; our leaders eventually condemned Antifa and the Altright. Now they are looking to remove the Altright from the internet and to make their thoughts illegal. These people are working on measures to breed out this kind of thought too. Look at the DACA debate, refugees, and the insane legal immigration. They will stay in power with their own tailor made constituency paid off with welfare and benefits from their disgusting banking systems.

Then there are the types who believe that our institutions are so corrupt that they’ll fail through financial collapse. The unfortunate truth here is that a financial collapse isn’t going to happen. With fractional reserve lending our banking system has created on infinite well of monetary resources. With each loan they create more and more. Plus they can print an unlimited supply of money. Yes, prices will increase on the little guys, but they don’t care. They control the monetary system and all of its power.

Western society isn’t in danger of collapse anytime soon and that is the biggest black pill of all. Trump was a revolution only because he cares for the people of the US, but he cannot fix problems that are deeply rooted in the European psyche. Our civilization won’t collapse at least before it manages to grind us into dust. We must not wait for this day. Those of us that believe in collapse are deluded. The West needs changing, not wishful thinking. Let’s work on our men and women. Let’s have children. Let’s bring to life our traditions. This idea of collapse is impossible. They made sure of that.

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