Under Cöver

Motörhead is the greatest band ever; this is simply an objective fact and I won’t be told otherwise. No band other than Black Sabbath has had such a wide reaching influence on metal. With their 1978 album Overkill, Motörhead proved to a legion of metal fans that you can mix punk with metal to make something great, fast, and heavy, which birthed thrash metal. After vocalist and bass player Lemmy Kilmister passed away in 2015 most metal fans assumed that was the end for Motörhead; it just didn’t seem right for the band to continue without the God himself. Fast forward 2 years, and here’s a posthumous album of covers by the band recorded before Lemmy’s death.

This came completely out of left field, but it’s so good. It sounds like the band entered the studio, got really drunk on Jack Daniels, and decided to just play all of their favorite songs here. Their cover of David Bowie’s “Heroes” is such a great cover, but there’s just something really humorous about Lemmy doing his best Bowie impression with his trademark grizzled, alcohol-soaked voice. Their cover of Judas Priest’s “Breaking the Law” is fantastic and does the song great justice. I think the only cover on here that didn’t really work is the Sex Pistol’s classic “God Save the Queen.” I only say that because the song has been covered so many times by so many different bands that there’s only so much you can add to the song.

So it’s been two years since Lemmy passed away and that legendary son of a bitch is still doing it better than most of the young bands around today. Some of these young guns really need to take notes from this band, listen to Overkill and Ace of Spades, and learn what made these road-worn vets so great. Under Cöver is by no means an essential Motörhead release, but it’s still a lot of fun to listen to and if this is the bands farewell to Lemmy, you couldn’t find a better way to do it. Definitely give this a listen and then go play Overkill and learn how it’s done.

I give Under Cöver a 3.5/5.

Check out their David Bowie cover here

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