Outrage! Is Now

When I first heard Death From Above’s debut 2004 album You’re A Woman, I’m A Machine I was floored. It wasn’t a wholly original release, but the band’s take on noisy punk with some dance elements just struck the right chord with me. It was fun, it was actually well written, and it seemed like just the right kick in the teeth punk rock needed after the politicization of the genre Green Day injected. Shortly after the album’s release Death From Above broke up, and I assumed punk would never again have a unique voice.

Fast forward to the current year and Death From Above are back with another strong album. Outrage! Is Now is such a worthy successor to their debut album and their last album, 2014’s The Physical World. For a band comprised of just two Canadians this is a full sounding album musically. It lacks some of the dance elements found on their debut album, but it makes up for it with sheer bassy heaviness. The bass on this album beats you over the head, so if that was bass player and co-vocalist Jesse Keeler’s goal he surely succeeded.

Both members and vocalists of this band excel on this album; this may be the best performance to date from both of them. They especially shine on the track “Moonlight.” Musically, this album is very simple. But this album has no reason to really try to be complex; it succeeds with what it has.

So as you can tell, I enjoy this album. I don’t love it, I don’t think it’s Death From Above’s best release to date, and it probably won’t end up in my end of year list; but for what it is this album is very enjoyable. It’s fun, it’s simple, it’s well-written, and it doesn’t really need or attempt to be anything more than that. If you enjoy your punk noisy, a little poppy, and fun I recommend this album.

I give Outrage! Is Now a 3/5.

Check out the first single “Freeze Me” here.

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