The Morality of White Identity

When we begin to talk about the interests of White people, we run into moral objections to our claims. You know, the  classic “How can you prefer your race to others?” argument that is always used against whites. We are horrible for loving our people more than others. Never mind the fact that every other racial group in the west is allowed their own identity. So is our position a moral and good one? Do we have a moral obligation to our race?

To begin I would like to ask; is it immoral for you to love your children? If you don’t have children, is it immoral to love your family? I am going to assume you would say no. You should love and care for your children and family. That seems obvious to everyone. You have an ingrained love for your family because they represent your unique set of genes and some of their variations. Your race represents more of your variation and cultural experience.

If you have this ingrained love for family that has a basis in genetics, would it be too far of a stretch to extend that to race? Racial groups share many genetic variations. They have IQ’s that group them together. They have diseases unique to them.There are many factors in common between a racial group. A racial group is like a family. A much larger and more loosely related family. Race is an extended family. We have a shared history and civilization built on our bones and blood. For this reason we have a duty to those before us to keep our race alive and productive.

This duty is more than some goofy platitudes on the internet. You have a duty to help and build your people up. I believe this to be true for all races. I however am a European descendant man. I see the world around me and understand that my people created it. European man created the West and brought fourth the ideas which we all enjoy and love.

When you hear the narrative that white people need diversity, this is nothing more than fewer white people in countries their ancestors built for them. The systems of government that gave birth to the freedoms and all of the things we enjoy were spawned from one group of people. We do not need diversity. In fact diversity needs us. Just look at the welfare rates in the US: the “diversity” use welfare and other government programs while whites work.

Can we even call reducing whites diversity? If we replace one group of people with another that is not diversity, but a reduction in diversity. You aren’t increasing the number of races around in the west. You are simply replacing one with another. This is antithetical to the actual definition of diversity. It is a reduction of diversity. If animals being reduced in diversity by an invasive species bad, why is reducing human diversity with invasive human races a good thing? We care more for the minute features of some bird in a far away forest than characteristics in humans that impact our society.

This is foolish. It only requires a little bit of thought to realize that White identity is a necessity for the west to persist as a first world power. This is a moral position. Without a wealthy first world the third and second world have nothing to aspire to. I know that this seems mean, but it is more cruel to wipe out an entire population than to keep it.


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