Hispanic Arrogance

So today at work we had a food truck come for lunch. It was supposed to be a big deal, but honestly I didn’t give a fuck. I pack food all the time and try not to waste cash on shitty food. To announce that we were getting a food truck they sent out an email with the food truck’s menu attached.

Anyway, the menu had some good sounding food on it. The food was divided into two categories: legal which had basic Mexican food such as tacos and quesadillas. Then the other portion of the menu was illegal, which had 12 hour braised brisket for the meat on the tacos and quesadillas.  The guy’s name was on the menu as well. It was a clearly Hispanic name and the name of the food truck was also clearly Hispanic.

The legal and illegal aspects of the menu are clear references to immigration from Mexico. The fact that they even made the food on the illegal portion sound better is annoying, but the issue I find alarming is that they brought a celebration of their culture and race into a work place that is mostly white with a ting of arrogance to it.

This menu highlights the arrogance of the Hispanic people who come here to take and never contribute. I realize that these guys may not be responsible for leeching from us in the welfare sense, but they are here displacing White Americans who could be selling some traditional European fare.

This may seem bitchy or petty, but Hispanics overall have gotten away with some pretty egregious flaunting. This was probably innocent and was designed for the Hispanic population nearer the border where these guys began, but I can’t shake the feeling of “We are replacing you and we’ll do it by any means at our disposal.”

Then I saw the video of Nancy Pelosi getting shouted down by some Hispanic group. Then I realized that maybe, just maybe that flagrant arrogance was intended. Pelosi has to be an advocate for these illegals. She has done what she sees as right, I am assuming of course. They do not care. They see a white lady who is there to give them shit.

That claim may seem mean or out of bounds, but Mexicans as a group do not harbor love for the US, especially when it tries to enforce its immigration laws. As seen in the opinion of the US with the election of Donald Trump. Mexicans fundamentally see the US and white Americans as meal tickets and they aren’t afraid to flaunt it. I wonder how they’ll treat us when we are minorities




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