How to Kill Your Soul

Throughout my wanderings in the right, I have realized that most people are entirely soulless. They either at one point had meaning and purpose in their lives (a soul) and lost it entirely; or they just never attained meaning or found purpose. So here you go, the cycle of a soul murdering machine.

When you interact with people make sure that you ask them shit you don’t care about. They’ll say ” Hi, how are ya?”

You’ll go “I’m well. How are you?” Then you’ll have to hear something annoying about their kids, fat wife, or their inane familial problems. All the while you feel them draining your strength with their vapid little stories. Now that you pissed yourself off with a ridiculous facade of bullshit pleasantries, it’s time for TV.

Make sure you don’t read anything before turning on the TV. You might actually acquire something other than visual and auditory stimulation while your brain is cooked in an array of light waves. If you make sure to do this right after an eight hour work day, you can really disturb your sleep cycle. This will ensure that you lose brain mass too.

Now you get up from a horrible night’s sleep, you have to chug 12 cups of coffee to even move in the morning. Once you feel your heart fluttering on the verge of a heart attack you can begin the mundane process of getting your shit together for another eight hours of bullshit at your job.

Now that you’re ready you leave the house to go get some wonderful slop from the drive-thru. You know it is horrible for you, but that’s the hope. If you’re lucky this will shave off ten years of this miserable existence. You get your food after being herded into a car line like a bunch of sheep. You eat your greasy slop and get it on your clothes like every morning.

Then you arrive at work and your boss says, “Hi, how are you?”

You respond. “I’m well. How are you?”

Then he goes on about how he is divorcing his wife, because she won’t suck cheese whiz off his dick anymore. He goes on about how this egregious act is killing him. That he is certain she’s cheating on him.

You ask, “How are the kids?”

He says, “They’re fine but that bitch is killing me.”

You walk away and sit at your desk. In a fit of sheer depression and despair you let out a primal scream. They send you home from work. Then you decide this stupid cycle of ridiculousness is it and hang yourself in the bathroom.

This is the state of modern man. We have no meaningful art. We have no meaningful jobs, they are just make work bullshit. We have no real identity. We are castigated from all the things that even make us feel human. It is your job to break out of this prison. We must build meaning and purpose. We must nourish the soul with learning and passion. The modern man is a sad phenomenon. Will you lose your soul too?


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