Politics are Tribalism

Humans are arrogant assholes. We believe that we are the best when it comes to the animal world. We like to ignore some of our more animalistic tendencies. We pretend that at our base level our needs are not just that of our animal brethren. We need food, water, shelter, and companionship. Companionship is where it gets tricky. Animals only really need companionship when it comes to reproduction. With humans and at a broader prospective just primates in general, we need a group to be accepted into.

The funny thing is when we discuss primates and their social groups, there is a noticeable trend. Their troops are always of the same sub-species. They form groups based on their sub-species, region, resources, and the available food. Each species of primate has its own hierarchy and way of living in a complex social dynamic.

This behavior is often mirrored in humans. I know when I bring up tribalism in humans the first thought that pops into your head is a primitive culture in loan-clothes or something. The fact of the matter is that we shouldn’t think of tribalism as something that is reflected in animals or primitive cultures. The fact of the matter is that tribalism is alive and well in all people.

Our tribes maybe setup differently than our evolutionary brothers in the primates or more advanced than our low tech brothers, but they are still based on a similar value. Region, resources, and genetic similarity. In other words race.

In the US, with its two party system we see this bare itself out in voting patterns. The republican party is the party of the white man. This is something that everyone knows. Even liberals will tell you this fact. Even if it is just a way to paint everyone as a racist. The republican side of the aisle isn’t as interesting, because it is comprised of one group asserting their identity through rugged individualism and free markets.

When you consider the other side of the coin in the democratic party, you have a coalition of different races who vote for them regularly. You have something in the neighborhood of 80 % of blacks and Hispanics with similar numbers. Why would two groups that hate each other have similar voting patterns? Resources. Just like our tribal ancestors they want resources. These groups rely on government resources.

Now why would I point this out? These groups vote solely for resources. Whites vote for their identity. Republican, Conservative, even libertarians vote and believe what they believe because whites think that they are above tribalism or resource acquisition. This is getting them destroyed. As whites are out numbered the tribal aspects of their co-country men will consume them.

Look I understand the typical right-wing mindset, but you have to think about how you become a right-winger. Most of us grew up with a dad who was at least vaguely a republican. Maybe he was the type who was a social liberal, but financially conservative or as they are better known a cuck. Regardless you had exposure to rightish politics through one of your closest genetic relatives. You discuss these same politics with other people of your race (distant genetic relatives). You read philosophy written by others of your race. When you look at it your whole world view is shaped by your tribe, white people.

The point here is you need to shut the fuck up about collectivism, tolerance, or whatever else you’re hung up on and just be honest with the world; you prefer white politics. I do too. Can we just eschew the bullshit and work on building our race up? Then we’ll talk economics and whatever else. No other group of people give a fuck about your individualism. They see the US as a meal ticket.

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