The JQ from a Christian Perspective

Oh the Jewish Question (JQ). It is such a strange concept at face value, and up until a few months ago when I first heard it, I had never even thought about it. I was caught up in the blind American perspective like everyone else. “The Jews are God’s people, and we must protect them! No Nazis here, because I am a Christian and an American – in that order.” Luckily, a good friend has directed me away from this blinded path in life, but now I am caught in a precarious position – which, if not me, I am caught in on behalf of my fellow family in the Eternal.

As a Christian, I understand my calling to love others, though I also understand that there is a difference in “value of spirit” that is often omitted from Christian dialogue. All of our lives we are told Jesus loves the little children, but what are we to do when His children do not get along all that well in this life? This gets into complicated concepts of race, but for sake of simplicity in this piece, I will divvy this up to one truth.

  • Our Eternal value is equal across the board in the eyes of God, independant from Earthly components such as IQ, Race and Gender.
  • Our Earthly value is not equal across the board, and it heavily relying on Genetics and Race, IQ and Gender, and even society such as “Royal Bloodlines,” Effort and Charisma.

Now this is where the complexity of the JQ comes into play to the Christian who goes beyond the status quo of Sunday morning and holiday dinner prayers with family.

The Jews are not only shown to have a higher IQ on average, increasing their Earthly value, but have been specifically set aside by God, providing the appearance of an increased Eternal value. The Rabbi of modern day have stretched this to equate that their Jewish souls quite literally are “worth more than those of a non-Jewish descent.” This is all while they maintain their very own ethno-state defended by other nations that refuse to offer such a luxury to their own people.

Essentially, the Jews are God’s chosen people. However, in the present day, the Jewish people are lost. Lost is a pretty common word among the Christian dialogue, but this particular use holds a vital aspect to it. The use of “lost” here is not only affecting the individual, such as in the instance of an unsaved person, but the world around him or her too.

This world belongs to Satan, and this is why we as members of the Eternal through Christ are to always be on the offensive for His cause through the Great Commission. With this world belonging to Satan, and with the Jews being a chosen people by God, they are a prime grab for power in this world for the Master of Evil against our offenses. They are indeed a special people, but we must not confuse their special nature for that of a better or truer nature, as their status of being lost hinders their true benefits to the Kingdom of God.

What we have here is an entire globe of Christians being duped by a misinterpretation. They know that the Jews are elevated in scripture, with the book of Revelation speaking of their return to God as a significant event. They also know that the Jews are the people of Jesus’ same heritage, and any Christian post World War 2 has been told that they should “protect the Jewish populace at any cost.”

Here is where the issue can be clearly seen: the Jews have not yet come to Christ. The Jews are playing out a classic Greek romance story in the modern day, where they have the powers of the gods, but have forsaken their most true calling to obedience in using such power. Here, they are appointed special positions by the one true God, yet are not obeying Him through a reverence and acceptance of Jesus Christ.

Until they take up His name as their identity in a new creation, they will be vulnerable and easily swayed to abuse their divine anointing. This abuse being a perversion for the powers of evil.

As members of the Eternal, what are we to do in this precarious situation with the Jewish people? Fight them, avoid them, mock them? No, rather we are to uphold the law of our land: the Kingdom of God. We must love them. We continue to spread the truth that Christ is risen, and we remain alert to the evil that is being sewn through this sad state of the Jewish people. In awaiting their return to God, and Christ’s return for us all, we must maintain devotion to Him. He understands this whole mess, and we know what is foretold in the end: Christ will reign. We are early entries to this winning that even Trump’s presidency could not comprehend. (A joke, but relevant to the neo-con audience that I hope come in contact with this piece.)

Brothers and Sisters, be in prayer and attend to His higher calling. Remember above all to love, but do not cuck and avoid fighting for the righteous cause. Upholding the West is key in furthering our lines to spread these truths and expand His Kingdom. Be strong! Amen.

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