Classic Review: Revolver

How does one even begin to write about the Beatles today? They’re the greatest rock n’ roll band of all time and also the most overrated. Everyone in the world has heard at least one track by them. Their albums released over the length of their decade-long career still stand as pillars of creativity; not just in songwriting but in innovations in production. I can’t guarantee I’ll offer any new insight into the band or this album, but I’ll give my two cents regardless.

Revolver is the Beatles at their creative peak. That might be an unpopular opinion to plebeians who prefer St. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, but hear me out. This album is nothing but killer tracks. After breaking new ground and becoming a totally new band on Rubber Soul, these guys decided to completely one-up their self and be even more innovative. “Eleanor Rigby” is the epitome of storytelling in rock music and is still being studied in college English courses. No track on Sgt. Pepper is being evaluated quite as deeply as that track is, and for good reason. It’s short and sweet, but the lyrics are still complex.

The flow on this album is seamless, too. No two tracks are the same but they all fit together and flow together. “Taxman” sounds nothing like “I’m Only Sleeping” but they still sound like they belong on the same album. Revolver can also wear the mantle of being perhaps the first psychedelic album. The sitar on “Love You To” is spacey and trippy. The backwards guitar on “I’m Only Sleeping” will trip you out. It very clearly paved the way for all of the Summer of Love groups that broke out in the next few years.

Okay, so maybe I didn’t give any new insight into this album. The Beatles and all of their music have been talked about to death, so I think it’s understandable I had nothing new to offer. But maybe you, my faithful reader, are one of the poor souls who have only heard the Beatles’ singles. Maybe you haven’t taken the time to dig through their discography like I have and seen just how brilliant they really were, and that they really do live up to the 5 decades of hype. I can only hope that this piece urges you to dig a little deeper into these Liverpool legends and truly discover them. Godspeed.

I give Revolver a 5/5.

Dig “Eleanor Rigby” here.

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