Sports Viewership is Ruining us

As fun as it is to watch Trump trigger the entire NFL into a signal feast, this shit doesn’t matter. I know as men we are supposed to enjoy football. I mean most of the conversations we have with co-workers are going to be centered around it. We cannot go anywhere without someone either discussing the kneeling assholes or talking stats about this week’s game. Two points come to mind when thinking about this; the need for nationalism and the destructive nature of modern spectator sports.

The people kneeling at these games highlight serious issues within America. The biggest is the divide between blacks and whites. Most of the kneeling players are black. Colin Kaepernick cited many of the same grievances as Black Lives Matter. The express purpose of the kneeling is to protest some perceived injustice at the hands of cops.

The main reason for the kneeling may or may not be justified. That doesn’t matter. The inescapable truth is that blacks see the American flag as a symbol of white achievement and black enslavement. These protests have more meaning than some arbitrary disrespect of soldiers or some other crap. These people feel out of place and oppressed for it.

This feeling of not belonging is strong. The issues that blacks face aren’t going to go away. It doesn’t matter how long they have to assimilate or the amount of capitulation. They will never feel as if they belong to a nation created by other people.

The solution to this issue is not to punish them or to force them to stand, but to recognize that throughout the history of the US, race relations between blacks and whites has been a game of victim and oppressor. We need to move past that through separation. Nationalism is the answer here, not kneeling.

We need to recognize this. Instead of trying to force someone to kneel, we need to discuss the real issues. Instead of talking about racist cops that don’t exisit, let’s discuss the right of self-determination of all peoples. We can use this to guide talks to our veiw point.

Beyond the NFL’s national anthem garbage and all the virtue signaling, we have to look at the idea of sports themselves. These were meant to build comradery among men. They were typically created to be played not watched. Modern sports have been reduced to a mere spectacle. There are more people who watch sports than play them.

Sports today encourage laziness, overeating, and mind numbingly stupid stats to cram into your brain. The classic Sunday set-up is you on a couch with some beer and a ton of food. Doesn’t America already have an obesity problem? All of this inactivity isn’t helping. In fact sports viewership increases your chance for obesity.

On average, participants reported viewing TV for 5.3 ± 4.1 hours per day and 30.3% of the sample watched sport on TV at least twice a week. There was no association between watching sport and physical activity levels. Participants that watched sports every day were at higher risk of obesity [odds ratio = 1.39, 95% CI, 1.15, 1.68) after adjustment for age, sex, smoking, alcohol, physical activity, total TV time, disability, and self-rated health.


As well as making you fatter, sports viewing on the television reduces your intelligence.

The study looked at 3,247 adults aged between 18 and 30, with participants categorized by how much TV they watched on average and then tested for their processing speed and verbal functioning.

Overall, the results showed those who watched the most TV were twice as likely to have poor mental functioning.


I am pretty sure everyone has heard this before, but yeah watching the idiot box is detrimental to your brain health. Also, think about all of the memory you take up by remembering your favorite player. It’s a lot. I know the men in my family know more about the guys on the field than they do about everything else.

Sports are ruining you. They are making you dumber and fat. Why not stop watching? With sports becoming a propaganda arm of the anti-white elites, now is as good a time as ever to stop watching sports. Do it. You should encourage all of your outraged normie friends to do the same.

Moral of the story: here stop watching sports and preach Nationalism.

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