The Disease of Modernity

The CDC released a report on STD’s. The US had the highest number of STD’s ever in 2016. This is alarming. The diseases are popping up in the US more and more.  This is an inexplicable phenomenon for some. For those who pay attention it is not. This insane disease explosion is a predictable one with all of the degeneracy and multi-racial shit.

According to Dr. Gail Bolan, more education is all we need. Yeah, Dr. Bolan, the more images of herpes kids see the less likely they are to get it.

“Clearly we need to reverse this disturbing trend,” said Dr. Gail Bolan, director of CDC’s Division of STD Prevention. “The CDC cannot do this alone and we need every community in America to be aware that this risk is out there and help educate their citizens on how to avoid it.”


Dr. Bolan talks about a need to educate, but in the US we have an already failing education system. If I can’t trust my kid’s school to teach them about classical literature, I am certainly not going to trust school to teach them about sex.  Anyways, sex is more about having a solid foundation of values. Schools can’t teach a kid values (I bet this dude has no children). This is something parents should be doing. This is a separate topic, but it bears mention.

According to CNN, every single liberal, and centrists more sex education is the answer to preventing high STD rates. We constantly throw money at problems in the west to no avail. The cause here is degeneracy and the multi-racial make up of the US. No amount of money can change this unless it is directed at the right thing.

The culture of the US has forsaken traditional values towards sex.  The US has legalized gay marriage, the music we listen to is about being sexually degenerate and the TV we watch is sexually degenerate; this is the issue. Our culture has given up on traditional Christian values. How often do you hear of a virgin marriage? How often do you see homosexuals being elevated for no reason other than they are homosexual?

As those values are forsaken the US is also moving towards a non-white population. These populations of people have high rates of STD’s. As these non-white populations increase, so too will the instances of STD’s. If we truly want to reduce STD’s this is something to consider.

The prevalence of STD’s among the LGBTQ crowd is astounding. I know this should not be a surprise to anyone with half a functioning brain, but being a homosexual increases your likelihood of all kinds of STD’s. Looking at Syphilis in men there is a huge increase in risk.

Primary and Secondary Syphilis — Reported Cases* by Sex, Sexual Behavior, and Race/Ethnicity, United States, 2016 – CDC


MSW= Men sex with women
MSM= Men sex with men

In the MSM column you see a huge spike. This is not mentioned in the media or by anyone. Being gay is a good way to contract all kinds of STD’s. The next best way to increase the chance of getting an STD is through multiple partners. With all of media glorifying women whoring, cucking, or any number of promiscuous behaviors. For whatever reason our supposed education lack these facts.

The other fact that is conveniently hidden from us is the increased chance for STD’s in non-white populations.  As always the Asians have a better STD rate than whites: at this point that should go without saying. In all three of the STD’s measured, blacks outpaced all other races.







The increase in STD’s is not going to stop as we import more Hispanics into the US. We cannot even get the STD number under control with the current populations of blacks in this country. If you’re looking at ways to reduce this number, might I suggest separation.

The only real solutions to STD’s are to reclaim our culture from the current degenerated level. We have to address the problems with our minority population. Mainstream outlets and everyone else is afraid of this, but this number will only grow as long as we ignore the fundamental issues. Our culture needs reined back in and the European descendant peoples in the US need their sovereignty/self-determination completely restored.

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