American Nationalism: Worth it or Not?

Recently there has been a lot of discussion about the idea of American nationalism. Essentially taking the American flag and tying it to the Alt-right. The Daily Stormer recently wrote up an article in support of this idea. Regardless of your thoughts on Andrew Anglin, he does have a large following. Really though, this is more like what Jared Taylor has been doing since the 90’s. Jared Taylor’s approach is more the founding fathers were race realists.

The idea being that we use American iconography along with a push for white interest. This way the hard left will keep up the assault on Americanism. The left can keep supporting all the anthem protests, effectively pushing all normal Americans from the left leaving only the Alt-right and Cuckservatives holding the flag. Since our aesthetic is more interesting we will garner a ton of support from the normie crowd.

This is an effective way to Red Pill a lot of normies on the idea of race realism, but that is all. The most important question here is “Why are you on the right?” Did you begin in this movement because you saw what multi-multiculturalism did? Was it because you realized the current liberal democratic republic is ruining us? Was it because you wanted a more traditional lifestyle? Was it because you are Christian? Maybe it is a combination of multiple reasons and maybe some of those are not listed above. The only thing we can accomplish with American Nationalism is maybe race realism.

The way I like to think about this issue is, that I do not believe democratic systems are healthy for any society. I do not believe multiracial and multi-ethnic cultures are healthy. I believe that consumerism is destroying not only whites but everyone it touches. While I do believe the concept of race realism is easy to convey through Americanism. Simply because the founders were white nationalist. There is a ton of evidence to support that. The problem is what about the issues with democracy, consumerism, degeneracy, and the destruction of self reliance? American nationalism cannot solve these issues.

While race is a keystone issue in the Alt-right, American nationalism fails us on every other issue. That flag stands as an implicit rejection of monarchy to most people, even if the founders were actually fighting a powerful parliament at the time.  That flag stands for individualism above all else which gives way to insane amounts of degenerate behaviors. That flag ultimately stands for the things we are opposed to. Using American imagery is antithetical to what the Alt-right is.

The left is handing us a gift in its attacks on the image of the flag. We must realize that using the flag is a concession on every other issue. If we are to go down this path the Alt-Right becomes civic nationalist with some more edgy racial ideas. It is tempting to take the flag and run with it, but is a tiny bit more normie support worth abandoning every other issue?

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