The Puerto Rico Mess is a Microcosm of Things to Come

So two weeks after Hurricane Maria’s wake of destruction in the Caribbean islands, we are still hearing about the aid effort to Puerto Rico. Somehow this is Trump’s fault according to the media. The less overall talked about point is that Puerto Rico is/has/was and always will be a third world hell hole. The media can play their little blame game all it wants, but the sad truth is that Puerto Rico is trash. If the US does not clean up its act Puerto Rico is our destiny. The mountains of debt, the inability to prepare for disaster, crime ridden, and the laziness all are the future of the US.

It is weird to think of a US territory being the vision of our future, but the unfortunate truth in Puerto Rico is that it is ran like a typical third world country.  All of the money the government collects is spent on entitlements of some kind or another. They constantly rely on US aid. The majority of the population is not employed. Overall just hopelessness.

Even with the US backing Puerto Rico will never become more than it already is. Their doom is due to many factors, but I would like to highlight the biggest factor, demographics. Puerto Rico is mostly composed of Hispanics. We see this trend in the states where the more Hispanics come into and the further and further left they drift. That trend holds true here.

Now that the island of Puerto Rico has been destroyed. The people are leaving and fleeing to Florida. Combined with the already large Hispanic population.

second-highest Latino population on the East Coast outside of New York state.  –Wiki

There is speculation that if the ‘refugees’ stay they will turn Florida over to the left. The terrible decisions made by Hispanics as a group have been horrible. Just check out Mexico and all of South America. If the Trump administration were smart they would annex Puerto Rico as a territory. No amount of aid is going to help them.

The point here is if we do not stop the inflow of these immigrants now, the US will become as much as a shit hole as Puerto Rico. You have been warned.


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