Columbus Day

The left constantly pushes and pushes. This has given them many victories. Throughout history they have always had an extremist element that was their ultimate goal. This is why the left has embraced the idea of replacing Columbus Day with Indigenous People’s Day. They want to replace Europeans with brown people. The left always uses the extreme elements as allies not enemies.

The right however has not. As the Vanguard movement of the right, the Alt-Right must continuously push the right in a more radical direction. Most of the time we do. The alt right helped to push trump over the edge to become president. We have shifted the discussion on immigration. We have shifted American politics and in a measurable way.
It’s time for the alt right to become more in the way we push. We need to take days like Columbus Day and defend them using European heritage. Columbus Day is the easiest to use in this regard. I propose doing this for Thanksgiving and whatever else we can.

The more more we push the left into condemning race and identity, the more and more we push people to embrace it. While at the same time isolating ourselves from the larpers. This is the same idea as American Nationalism that Andrew Anglin proposed. I am against that for the American flag and what not, because it reduces our options when we win.

The point here is to destroy the centrists. We need to push them further and further. We are already seeing the divide growing. By highjacking holidays like Columbus Day, Thanksgiving, and even Christmas, we get normies to pick a side. They usually pick the side with symbols they know. Let’s destroy the center!

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