Don’t be This Guy

Think of the most annoying person you know. Really take the time to think about it. What is it that really bothers you? Are they the type that always has to be right? Are they a militant atheist? Do they watch too much TV? Are they just too smart for you? Want to hit them with a rock?

The latest freak out over cartoon condiments reminded me of the most annoying people I know. I decided to give an in-depth analysis of these fuck holes. I hope you take this as advice on how not to be a piece of shit retard.

We all know the guy, or girl for that matter, that is completely consumed by popular culture. This can be a cartoon like Rick and Morty, comic book heroes, or even sports. Have you even tried to talk with someone like this? The conversation usually goes like this:

You’ll be like, “Hey, man how are you?”.

They’ll reply, “Good”.

“So what’s up”, you’re trying to be nice, but you know this prick just wants to talk about something unbearably gay.

“Not much, but did you see -insert faggot reference to their favorite media- last night.”

Because you don’t waste your time with watching gay ass cartoons, giant black men run around, or cape shit, you just end the conversation. This fucking pattern of conversation happens to me daily. I get so fucking tired of assholes wrapped up in idiotic entertainment. There are way more important things going on in the world than TV, you vapid piece of trash.

If your life revolves around watching anything on television, reconsider your life.  Seriously, unplug that shit. You’re more than that. Funny cartoons aren’t cool. Learn how to be funny in your everyday life. Super Heroes are gay. Go to the gym to look like one. Sport stats are pointless and toxic. Learn about other stats. Maybe ones that have an impact on you. The world will destroy you like this.

The other one that is the biggest indicator of a vapid bastard is the atheist. Now if you are an atheist that is fine. I am taking about the insufferable shit stain that thinks “If we get rid of religion, there would be no conflict.” These types insist on arguments. It’s like yeah, religious wars wouldn’t be fought but most of those wars were fought using religion as a proxy for ethnic identity.

You can sit there and discuss this with them, but they will blame everything on Christianity or whatever. They never calm down over it either. I have gotten people so mad they walk out of the room yelling at me. I am a Christian, but if you’re an atheist that’s cool. It doesn’t really bother me, but to argue over religion is stupid. No one is ever going to win that. You are just an asshole for engaging in these arguments. Shut the fuck up about it. Argue over ideas that have practical merit.

These same atheist types will clam to worship science. At the same time they will ignore 50,000 years of separation between the races and claim evolution didn’t affect human races at all. Come the fuck on. If you love science so much, how can you ignore evolution in the human species? When you confront them on this they just call you a bigot and ignore your arguments.

These science lovers also like to ignore the biological differences between the sexes too. This is an even clearer difference than race. I mean men and women literally have different chromosomes, but nah we are equal. By no measure is a man and a women equal in strength, appearance, intellectual achievement as a group, or even in the way we behave in a romantic relationship. Nah, man we all equal.

The most annoying part about these types of people has to be their refusal to bare offspring. Holy shit, I have never seen fear in a group of people quite like these people thinking about children. They are so engrossed by the idea of success in their field that they will forego and even fear having children. Seriously guys, regardless of religious belief your only purpose in life is to procreate.

These same people then complain of being depressed. Yeah, you are depressed because you are fucking lonely. Find a partner and have some kids. You won’t have the time to be depressed or sad. Guess what? You’ll even feel a sense of purpose in your shitty life. You may even start to consider the importance of the demographic replacement going on in your countries, because you won’t want your kids to be abused minorities.

You know what else will help? Not having pets. You are not a fucking cat or dog person. You need to care for children. Your pets help to fill that void. You can treat them like they are your baby and pretend to be mommy. The truth is you will never get any fulfillment out of caring for some little furry shit machine like you will from bearing a child and rearing it.

The point is don’t be an insufferable piece of shit. Work on yourself and stop living in the world the media and Hollywood has created for you. You are better than that. We are dying off. Do something you fucking coward.

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