Adam Ruins Housing: Yes, this idiot again

Before reading this article, check out the video that inspired it: Adam Ruins Housing.

The first minute or so Adam and some dude talk about how his neighborhood is too white. Okay what? To start off a housing video with this is ridiculous. Seriously, you have to start off by shaming whiteness? Why? What is wrong with being white? You provide no evidence to show whites are bad. Why don’t you do that with a majority black city? Just say “It’s too black. You should try getting more whites in here. That would really increase your property value.” Oh yeah, you are anti-white. You don’t want diversity. You want less whites.

After their little diatribe attacking whites and whiteness, Adam starts talking about ‘Red Lining’ and how this created segregation. This segregation is still present in housing and in the schooling of our children. You are supposed to assume this horrible.

My question is thus, is segregation really that harmful? I mean, you seem to have a real problem with whiteness. In fact most blacks and other minorities do too. For some reason you want to live in their neighborhoods though. I wonder why that is. Could it be that whites create a better living situation than other races? Could it be that our schools are nicer because we contribute more?


Hmmm…really makes you think, doesn’t it? That is the problem with this guy. I’m sure he isn’t the one writing the shows, but you get it. He bills the show as factual and informative. This allows him to hide lies along with valid arguments. So yeah, in the past segregation laws where used. They even used financial means to enforce the housing segregation. That has been over with for awhile and minorities have struggled to catch up to whites. Well, except the Asians and Jews that have surpassed white in income level.

I know he is trying to make the argument that those laws are the cause of the segregation. Isn’t the more reasonable argument that the races simply don’t want to live together? No amount of forcing it with government programs is going to fix it. We have had it since this country’s inception; time to figure out our relationship with Blacks and it never worked out. Stop pretending it can.

White neighborhoods have nicer schools because they pay a net positive into the taxation system.


Blacks and Hispanics don’t pay a net positive into this system so they get poorer schools. No surprise there, but that is not the white mans’ fault. We pay more in and get more out, not a hard equation to figure out.

The racial divide in America was there before ‘Red Lining’ and it is here now. The truth is that segregation is a natural phenomena. How do you think human genetics were distilled into different races? By separation. This whole video is bunk. Being white is not something to poke fun at. Whites are the ultimate minority across the globe. You as a proponent of diversity would want whites to have their own space and rights to exist on their own. All groups deserve to have a right to exist on their own. To say that we don’t is a horrible lie.

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