Betrayal of the Founding Stock

Today at work we had a quarterly meeting that goes through the business side of what we do. They talk about revenue and how they are growing globally. After about 45 minutes into the snooze fest our European regional team leader spoke about their end of the world. In her very first slide she mentioned that her team has 24 nationalities. Then goes on a five minute spiel on diversity.

Hilariously, after her our Asian team leader was up. Guess what? She said nothing about diversity. Weird, isn’t it? It’s like only whites are worshipping diversity.

Then our HR head decided that the fact that one of our leaders talked about diversity was such a positive thing. He went on and on about how diversity brings in different views and creates a positive environment.

Do these people truly believe this? Does anyone other than the most crazed idiot believe this truck load of horse shit piled in front of us? Does the African that got boosted through the hiring process really contribute to clinical research? Doubt it. He is going to need a ton of training and coaching.

Once that signal feast ended, I went back to my desk. There I received a text with a link to this article. Let’s just say I was triggered to oblivion.

This article does try to be understanding about the way men feel at work. It just fails to achieve any understanding and it accepts the false premise that diversity is a virtue of some kind.

I just have a few issues with this annoying ass article. First, the article states that:

A little over one-third of respondents (39 percent) think that the relationship between their job satisfaction and their company’s focus on diversity and inclusion is significant.

People feel left out of the loop when a company is more focused on policing what you say, keeping up on their affirmative action hires, and training for ‘leadership’ that women lack. When they could be using that revenue to improve infrastructure, give more raises, or even acknowledge hard work. Then the article goes on about men having a seat at the table:

Twaronite suggests that companies seat men at the table when discussing diversity and inclusion initiatives in order to create an open dialogue. “Only 38 percent of males are engaged in company diversity,” she says. But Twaronite adds that many initiatives that fall under diversity and inclusion affect men.

I am assuming she is referring to white men here. You don’t have to give us a seat at this table. In fact we don’t want to be there. Your diversity initiatives are there to displace us. You replace us with less competent third world immigrants and pretend it’s for diversity. No it’s because they will take less pay. Then she goes on:

She adds that bringing men into the ongoing dialogue doesn’t push women or ethnic groups out of the picture. “It’s not mutually exclusive,” says Twaronite.

This is untrue. That is why men, especially white men, feel the way they do. We know that we have been pushed from jobs because of our race and gender. We want our work places back. Putting us on some stupid panel cannot fix that.

Then to end the article:

“[Diversity and inclusion] is not just a social justice issue,” says Twaronite. “This is linked to business performance.”

How can you even say that? When the study she is talking about stated that 39% of men are unsatisfied with their job because of diversity. Come on. Just because you repeat and repeat this doesn’t make it true. Diversity ruins social cohesion. Diversity ruins attitudes toward community. This survey just highlights the issue, whilst the article dances around praising diversity like a retard.

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