White Pill on White Pills

Many media outlets, liberals, and bugman conservative/libertarians have accused Trump of being the candidate for white men. I would disagree.  The immigration stuff, which I have criticized and the positive gains in the economy (which really shouldn’t be attributed to a sitting president), aren’t done with regard to whites. Trump is doing these things for the country. Recently Trump has changed my mind.

The Trump administration has recently announced a doubling down on the opiate epidemic. This is a huge boon to our people. Maybe some of the cut to aid for Appalachia can be aimed at that region’s opiate issues.

If this administration uses this issue to target this region’s enormous heroin problem, it will be a huge boon to our people.  This region accounts for a ton of overdose deaths.


(Image taken from an excellent piece by herion.net)

Now this makes a huge portion of the opiate deaths. If Trump reduced this region’s dependence he would lower the national overdose deaths. The region is predominately white.

The Appalachian region is significantly less racially and ethnically diverse than the United States as a whole, and
most parts of the region are far below the national average. In two-thirds of Appalachian counties, minorities (defined
as anyone who identifies with a racial or ethnic group other than “white alone, not Hispanic”) make up less than 10
percent of the population. There were just 22 counties—almost exclusively in southern Appalachia—where minorities’
share of the population matched or exceeded the national average.


This region has been crippled by the death of coal and an uptick in opiate deaths. Trump could really salvage the region. Hopefully, the funding cut that was proposed by this administration will go toward saving the lives of the whites who are suffering horribly in their own country.

In fact nationally 82% of opiate overdose deaths were white. Regardless of rationality, this is a huge boon to the white population. Maybe those in the media, on the left, conservatives, and libertarians  are correct. Maybe this is just an apparition. Let’s hope that it is true.

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