Hatefully hidden

It’s been a few weeks and the Emanuel Sampson shooting has been memory holed. This is probably because of its juxtaposition to the events of Las Vegas. On the other hand would the opposite be memory holed? Well, I’ve already done an article on this.

The media’s coverage of racially motivated crimes is woefully one-sided. The recent stabbing in May by Sean Urbanski, a white man killing Richard Collins III, a black man, highlights this.

This attack was:

Prince George’s County State’s Attorney Angela Alsobrooks declined to say exactly what evidence of an alleged racial motive was found. But she said federal and local law enforcement officials have been sifting through Urbanski’s phone and other digital devices, as well as his social media activity, and uncovered “lots of digital evidence.” She said Collins’s killing was “unjustified and premeditated.”


This was a premeditated murder. Why? Well because of his Facebook.

The evidence led investigators to conclude that “Lieutenant Collins was murdered because of his race,” Alsobrooks said.

Collins’s slaying sparked national outcry after police announced that they were investigating Urbanski’s connection to a Facebook page called Alt-Reich: Nation. University of Maryland Police Chief David B. Mitchell has said that the content from the page was full of racist and inflammatory material.


Then the Washington Post’s article goes on to say:

Collins and two friends were at a bus stop on the U-Md. campus in College Park on May 20 when Urbanski approached them at around 3 a.m., police said. Urbanski told Collins, “Step left, step left if you know what’s best for you,” according to police charging papers. Collins refused to move, police said. That’s when Urbanski pulled a knife and stabbed Collins, police said.

This could have potentially been a case of self defense. We won’t know until the video is released, but you would not know that with this type of coverage. Now this is a horrible crime. Murders like this are atrocities. I just want you to see the media tightens the noose on whites when ignoring the other side.

Think I am being crazy? Check out these images.

Here are the top search results for Emanuel Samson:

Now remember, multiple people were killed in this and by their own reporting this was done as a reaction to Dylan Roof. No mention of hate crime or targeting whites.

Here are the top results for Sean Urbanski:

One person died and they scream, ” Hate! Hate!”

The contrast is clear. The Washington Post hates whites.

2 thoughts on “Hatefully hidden

  1. What do you expect? The narrative is always the same ,arguing it is unfair is aklin to complaining a lemon is sour .Go to the heart lof the matter. The Washington Post is a Jew owned rag ! The entire media in the US and in the western world are part and parcel of the same Satanic ambition . Attack the source ,if a judge sentences a white man for killing a black pimp ,make this person’s life !especially if he or she is a Jew hell on earth .All this moaning is pissing in the wind .


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