Nazi Punks Fuck Off EP

Waging a witch hunt against alleged Nazis seems to be all the rage these days for your virtue signaling needs. With Richard Spencer rising in notoriety, the shit show that was Charlottesville, and the Alt-Right brand in general growing, I’ve started to notice more and more people that are branding anything right of center as a Nazi. Not only do they misunderstand exactly what Spencer and the Alt-Right’s philosophy is, they don’t even attempt to understand it; labeling it a Nazi, the worst thing you could possibly be, and avoiding any kind of thought outside of your leftist echo chamber is much easier. I won’t get into that, and I try to make sure these reviews stay apolitical, but when I saw Napalm Death had resurfaced this 1993 release on the subject, I had to write about it.

There’s just something so very funny to me about a bunch of 40+ year old English lads trying to virtue signal like this. Typically I expect this from 20 year old pop punk kids or a band as laughable as Anti Flag, but grindcore legends doing it? It just blew my mind. How does a band like Napalm Death who 30 years ago were controversial, extreme, and pushing all sorts of boundaries, now fall so very into the status quo? These guys haven’t released anything of quality since From Enslavement to Obliteration so the fact that anyone takes them seriously still is a shock to me, but I have no doubt that there are people who still do.

I think that’s all I really have to say. It’s just a joke; to dig this EP back up after 20 years because you want to virtue signal and hop on the bandwagon of hating non-existant modern Nazis. I can’t get over it. This hasn’t even been much of a review. It’s been more of a rant, and I apologize for it. I just had to write something when I saw this. Just absolutely laughable.

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