Hans-Herman Hoppe, the Alt-Right, and a Better Way Forward

There is a lot of contention when it comes to Libertarians on the right. Many have said that they are progressives in disguise, some have pointed out their inclination towards degenerate behaviors, and the idea of unfettered capitalism is a disturbing thought. When anyone refers to Libertarianism I immediately think of the Brian Jean quote:

I want people to hear the message that our human right to self-ownership means that we can marry who we want, put what we want into our own bodies and defend ourselves with guns. Often people advocating civil liberties on the left fail to recognize the right to gun ownership and people advocating civil liberties on the right fail to recognize the right to marry who you want or the right to own marijuana.


Which is wrought with degeneracy, but a recent speech by one of the originators of the Libertarian ideal, Hans-Herman Hoppe, about Libertarianism and the Alt-Right. To summarize he basically said that the Alt-Right does a good job of identifying the problems within our society, but the Alt-Right is disjointed when it comes to solutions.

To that point he isn’t wrong. Just think about all the different factions on the right. They all have the same immigration plan: stop it. They all agree on the removal of non-whites in some way. Everything else is up in the air from full on National Socialism, Monarchy, The White Imperium of Richard Spencer, and whatever else I forgot. The point is that we are united on what the issues are, but not on the solution.

Hans-Herman Hoppe goes through a list of ten solutions that he calls a Libertarian solution to the Alt-Right’s identified issues. On most of them I think he is spot on. On others not so much, but as a starting off point for a little more unity in solutions we should have a look.

All quotes from Hans-Herman Hoppe are taken from the speech: Libertarianism and The Alt-Right transcript at misesuk.org. Please watch the full speech for further context and insight into why Hans-Herman Hoppe made this speech, here.

No one is against immigration and immigrants per se. But immigration must be by invitation only. All immigrants must be productive people and hence, be barred from all domestic welfare payments. To ensure this, they or their inviting party must place a bond with the community in which they are to settle, and which is to be forfeited and lead to the immigrant’s deportation should he ever become a public burden. As well, every immigrant, inviting party or employer should not only pay for the immigrant’s upkeep or salary, but must also pay the residential community for the additional wear and tear of its public facilities associated with the immigrant’s presence, so as to avoid the socialization of any and all costs incurred with his settlement. Moreover, even before his admission, every potential immigrant invitee must be carefully screened and tested not only for his productivity but also for cultural affinity (or “good neighborliness”) – with the empirically predictable result of mostly, but by no means exclusively, western-white immigrant-candidates. And any known communist or socialist, of any color, denomination or country of origin, must be barred from permanent settlement – unless, that is, the community where the potential immigrant wants to settle officially sanctions the looting of its residents’ property by new, foreign arrivals, which is not very likely to say the least (even within already existing ‘commie’ communes).

The impact this would have would be enormous in deterring unwanted immigration into the West. This would prevent non-whites from making it into the West. Their relatives aren’t going to be able to afford them. This would also make an employer responsible for them too. This would destroy the work visa work-arounds.

This immigration policy would essentially remove the slide leftward. No new population of leftists can be formed or brought in. This would stop the leftward slide altogether. This too would deter a certain population of people that the right is so keen on pointing out their influence in our society.

More on the point of stopping immigration:

Stop attacking, killing and bombing people in foreign countries. A main cause, even if by no means the only one, for the current invasion of Western countries by hordes of alien immigrants, are the wars initiated and conducted in the Middle East and elsewhere by the US’ ruling elites and their subordinate Western puppet-elites. As well, the by now seemingly ‘normal’ and ubiquitous terrorist attacks in the name of Islam across the Western world are in large measure the “blow-back” of these wars and the ensuing chaos throughout the Middle East and Northern Africa. There should be no hesitation to call these Western rulers what they are: murderers or accessories to mass murder. We must demand, and cry out loud instead for a foreign policy of strict non-interventionism. Withdraw from all international and supranational organizations such as the UN, NATO and the EU that intricate one country into the domestic affairs of another. Stop all government-to-government aid and prohibit all weapon sales to foreign States. Let it be America First!, England First!, Germany First!, Italy First!, and so on, i.e., each country trading with one another and no one interfering in anyone else’s domestic affairs.

The first point about foreign wars is something everyone in the Alt-Right can agree with. This is going to avoid creating situations like we have in the Middle East with migrants flooding into western countries. The migrant crisis could have been avoided through this type of foreign policy.

The second point here is that all nations of people should be for their own interests first. This is a nationalist point without saying you are nationalist. While there are a few of us who disagree with ethnic nationalism, I would say that this is going to be an easier point to push than the White Emporium. Trump highlighted how Americans feel about America first. Combined with the first point in this speech it’s easy to create a majority white nation that works for the people.

This too would remove a certain group’s influential power over US politics and foreign policy without having to explicitly say it. This makes our goal easier to accomplish as we face less resistance to them.

The next two point Hans-Herman Hoppe makes would really accomplish removing this influence:

Defund the ruling elites and its intellectual bodyguards. Expose and widely publicize the lavish salaries, perks, pensions, side-deals, bribes and hush monies received by the ruling elites: by the higher-ups in government and governmental bureaucracies, of supreme courts, central banks, secret services and spy agencies, by politicians, parliamentarians, party leaders, political advisors and consultants, by crony-capitalists, “public educrats,” university presidents, provosts and academic “stars.” Drive home the point that all their shining glory and luxury is funded by money extorted from tax-payers, and consequently urge that any and all taxes be slashed: income taxes, property taxes, sales taxes, inheritance taxes, etc., etc..

Now he goes into the “taxes are theft” spergout that most libertarians do, but let’s ignore that. If we paint the elites as thieves from the people that gives us a spring board for the removal of cancerous portions of the government. We do not need senators, representatives, or the vast majority of government employees. We see this with the deep state non-sense they are not furthering the agenda of the current administration, but act against it. So the Alt-Right can paint these actors as thieves from the people as they are acting against the will of the people.

This too allows us to paint the lobbyists for foreign governments, cooperation, and whatever else as thieves of the peoples money.

End the FED and all central banks. The second source of funding for the ruling elites, besides the money extorted from the public in the form of taxes, comes from the central banks. Central banks are allowed to create paper money out of thin air. This reduces the purchasing power of money and destroys the savings of average people. It does not and cannot make society as a whole richer, but it redistributes income and wealth within society. The earliest receivers of the newly created money, i.e., the ruling elites, are thereby made richer and the later and latest receivers, i.e., the average citizen, are made poorer. The central bank’s manipulation of interest rates is the cause of boom-bust cycles. The central bank permits the accumulation of ever greater “public debt” that is shifted as a burden onto unknown future taxpayers or is simply inflated away. And as the facilitator of public debt, the central banks are also the facilitators of wars. This monstrosity must end and be replaced by a system of free, competitive banking built on the foundation of a genuine commodity money such as gold or silver.

You may not care about the financial side of this, but think about what a policy like this would do. The removal of money manipulation in our society is done by that certain group. This again would aid in the removal of them in positions of power.

Abolish all ‘affirmative action’ and ‘non-discrimination’ laws and regulations. All such edicts are blatant violations of the principle of the equality before the law that, at least in the West, is intuitively sensed and recognized as a fundamental principle of justice. As private property owners, people must be free to associate or disassociate with others: to include or exclude, to integrate or segregate, to join or separate, to unify and incorporate or to disunite, exit and secede. Close all university departments for Black-, Latino-, Women-, Gender-, Queer-Studies, etc., etc., as incompatible with science and dismiss its faculties as intellectual imposters or scoundrels. As well, demand that all affirmative action commissars, diversity and human resources officers, from universities on down to schools and kindergartens, be thrown out onto the street and be forced to learn some useful trade.

This aspect is something that Jared Taylor does an excellent job with. Just watch this video. Freedom of association is a principle that is protected by the first amendment. The Alt-Right can use this and maybe even channel some Libertarian ideas. Well at least the ones that aren’t gay.

This policy would remove needless organizations like the ADL, SPLC, and other NGOs that attack people for their political leanings. Which would give us the chance to spread ideas with impunity. Enabling whites to have pride in themselves without being attacked.

The next one goes without saying:

Crush the “Anti-Fascist” Mob. The trans-valuation of all values throughout the West: the invention of ever more “victim groups,” the spread of “affirmative action” programs and the relentless promotion of “political correctness,” has led to the rise of an “anti-fascist” mob. Tacitly supported and indirectly funded by the ruling elites, this self-described mob of “social justice warriors” has taken upon itself the task of escalating the fight against “white privilege” through deliberate acts of terror directed against anyone and anything deemed “racist,” “right-wing,” “fascist,” “reactionary,” “incorrigible” or “unreconstructed.” Such “enemies of progress” are physically assaulted by the “anti-fascist” mob, their cars are burnt down, their properties vandalized, and their employers threatened to dismiss them and ruin their careers – all the while the police are ordered by the powers that be to “stand down” and not to investigate the crimes committed or prosecute and punish the criminals. In view of this outrage, public anger must be aroused and there must be clamoring, far and wide, for the police to be unleashed and this mob be beaten into submission.

Yes, please crush the Anti-Facist mob!

Here Hoppe acknowledges the attack on whites:

Crush the street criminals and gangs. In dispensing with the principle of the equality before the law and awarding all sorts of group privileges (except to the one group of married white Christian men and their families) the ruling elites have also dispensed with the principle of equal punishment for equal crime. Some State-favored groups are handed more lenient punishment for the same crime than others, and some especially favored groups are simply let run wild and go practically unpunished at all, thus actually and effectively promoting crime. As well, no-go areas have been permitted to develop where any effort at law-enforcement has essentially ceased to exist and where violent thugs and street gangs have taken over. In view of this, public furor must be provoked and it be unmistakably demanded that the police crack-down quick and hard on any robber, mugger, rapist and murderer, and ruthlessly clear all current no-go areas of violent gang-rule. Needless to say that this policy should be colorblind, but if it happens to be, as it in fact does, that most street criminals or gang members are young Black or Latino males or, in Europe, young immigrant males from Africa, the Middle East, the Balkans or Eastern Europe, then so be it and such human specimen then should be the ones that most prominently get their noses bloodied. And needless to say also that in order to defend against crime, whether ordinary street crime or acts of terrorism, all prohibitions against the ownership of guns by upstanding citizen should be abolished.

Hoppe ends with gun ownership for all which I happen to agree with. Most Americans believe in the second amendment which grants the right to bear arms. So that is a moot point, but the idea of actually crushing street gangs and criminals as if they were a White Nationalist organization is helpful to us all.

Crushing these gangs would aid in the removal of illegal aliens and even the legal immigration in the US. Hispanic immigration is the immigration crisis of the US. By crushing these gangs you are crushing Hispanic immigration.


Graph was pulled from here.

Looks good to me.

Hoppe goes on with his points with pretty mundane libertarian talking points. My point in highlighting this is to show that we actually have some common ground with some libertarian ideas. Most Libertarians are fags, but Hoppe outlines a Libertarianism that aligns neatly with the ideas from the Alt-Right.


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