Modern Day Slavery

I go on and on on this site about racial issues, but I was thinking today about how shitty the modern day job is. Not only does it take away precious hours away from your family, but it enslaves you into an environment where you truly believe your are being useful in some broadly societal scope. The truth is that we are just hamsters running in a wheel for meager incomes and added stress.

Think about the work that you do. Give it some serious thought. Could you finish up your entire eight hour shift in two or even three hours? Probably if you didn’t “go to the restroom” twenty times or make a task take longer. You only do that because you aren’t rewarded for quality at a modern day job, but you’re instead rewarded for the quantity of hours.

Think about how most pay is structured. Most employees are paid hourly and then once they reach a certain hour threshold they are offered overtime. It is all based on you wasting your day.

The hours we waste at work are ones that mothers could be spending with their children building bonds and providing them with maternal care a daycare could never provide. Fathers could actually spend time teaching their children useful life lessons. You could even read a book, shocking I know.

The point is that work is a parasite to our lives. The mental health of our society is in steep decline. I don’t necessarily have a solution to it, but I can tell you that something needs to be done as the West falls work is accelerating it by removing us from our families to do dumb shit for some multi-national cooperation.

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