American Horror Story: Cult

I went into this seeing a clip of the first episode starting with the election of Trump and I had assumed that this season was going to be a horrible virtue signal fest. I tried to avoid this show, but my wife insisted on watching it. I had managed to avert her efforts for weeks. Eventually, I managed to watch this annoying bullshit.

So the first few episodes are centered around a lesbian couple, Ally and Ivy, who have a child together, Oz. Yes, they actually put this in a show. They both hate Trump and were upset that he had won the election. Ally was so bothered by Trumps election that it triggers a whole litany of physiological issues. This encompasses the first 5 or so episodes which give way to a few laughs. This is ridiculous in the most retarded way.

While this is going on you watch the character Kai, a blue haired, 4-Channer. Yes, they actually mention 4-Chan. Kai is supposed to represent an electorate of minority hating, chaos inducing, maniacs. When you think about it, it is a decent description of the Alt-Right (kidding).

Eventually, you find out he is the leader of a murderous cult that the entire town follows. At this point it gets real out there and I quit watching this show at like episode 7 or so.

The constant bashing of liberal memes about us is bad enough, but the show itself is annoying trash when you ignore those parts. Mainly because the whole show is a liberal description of the right wing. Ignore this shit as I am sure you have.

Gross trash. Ignore the annoying idiots that want you to want.

I would give this show a 2 outta 5

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